Wednesday, July 29, 2009

One of my peeves

What’s the deal with personal hygiene? I’m not even talking about the smelly guy who sat behind us at the theatre. I actually surprised myself because I didn’t say anything (to him) but seriously, who goes out in public, actually paid good money to attend a show and reeks like this? Granted it was a late show, and yes it’s been hot in humid in Montreal lately, but come on! If you could afford the ticket, you could afford a little time in the shower before attending, no? This guy is not what I actually wanted to write about.

I’m getting annoyed at the entertainment industry in general for lack of realism, and yes, in these lame times where there are more “reality” shows than ever before. We watch a lot of TV either for TV shows as such, or movies. It’s our way to decompress, often. We let our brains go in neutral. I’m chafe because in my life things are very far for the reality they show. Duh! I know. When I wake up I don’t want my husband to turn around, in bed, and breath on me. Please! On TV, they suck face (as in tonsel hockey, not a peck) as if everything was minted. Eeeww. It isn’t, far from it, anyway, not here. Plus, who wakes up and starts fooling around before having gone to the bathroom for that morning pee? I managed to barely control the urge when the cat walked all over my bladder, but that’s about it – nature calls, excuse me.

Then, there is the sex. Maybe I’ve been doing something wrong all those years, but have you ever seen a scene where someone goes to the washroom after the act, to actually clean up? I haven’t. There are times when a shower is needed, and yet, it’s never even hinted. Where I grew up, above the store my parents owned, wasn’t a prestigious neighbourhood, far from it. At one point there was this woman down our street who was believed to be a prostitute. Her bathroom window gave out on our alley. On more than one occasions I’d seen her cleaning herself up, you know leg up on the side of the tub type of position. I did wonder why she needed to wash “there” so often, so I asked my mother. I still see my mom’s face, red, and unable to explain why that woman was doing that. Besides being told to stop looking over there, I was also told: “at least she’s clean”. Ah! I just love my mom.

I’ve been reading Charlaine Harris’ books lately, and the main character, Sookie, often makes a point to brush her teeth before bed, and brushing her hair after her shower, etc., but she never says or does anything about taking a shower after her passionate love making to Vampire Bill. I just think it’s strange. Which bring me to another question: If you’ve been watching “True Blood” (which I enjoy but not as much as the books, of course!) you know that vampires do cry, and when they do those are tears of blood. Does that mean than when they reach their sexual ecstasy it will be blood as well? Am I the only warp mind who thought of that? I doubt it, but I might be the only doofus who asked, right?

I leave you with a quote to which I relate completely from Jim Carrey:
“Ya know what I do almost every day? I wash. Personal hygiene is part of the package with me.”



Anonymous said...

One of my greatest fears is that I might stink. I am an overwasher because of it. It is not uncommon for me to have more than one shower a day- and I don;t even want to tell you how often I change my clothes.

When I encounter smelly people, I always feel very bad for them, because I imagine they are mortified.

Do you really not kiss your spouse in the morning? Not even a kiss on the lips? I am interested to hear other voices on this. I am an AM kisser, so I am curious if this is rare.

rachel said...

That bothers me also. It drives me crazy when people get out of bed and just get dressed, no shower, no teeth brushing - nothing. It's just not realistic.
Also when there a sex scenes and women are still in bras and both men and women are still in underwear. Really - how do you have sex w/ bras and underwear on. maybe that's why they don't have to clean up after

Stinkypaw said...

Monkey: You're too sweet to think that smelly people are mortified, they don't even realise (and ofen care) they smell often! Really.

I do kiss him on the lips, I'm talking about the "smooching", but we won't have "pillow talks" before brushing our teeth, a few words but not facing each other. BTW, Hubby is the same about the morning breath.

Rachel: LOL good point, maybe that's why! :-)

Charlie said...

Odd that someone with the name Stinky would write about cleanliness.

"tonsel hockey"--that's a good one I haven't heard before.

We don't kiss the minute we wake up because of dragon breath. AFTER a good toothbrushing is kissing time.

Something that bothers me a LOT is the opposite of smelling the great unwashed: it's the person who drowns themself in perfume or cologne. I've nearly choked to death a few times, even in church.

Anonymous said...

I was talking with some that was on a personal dating site and one of the options to "like" is good personal if someone likes "poor" personal hygiene?

Green-Eyed Momster said...

I usually only wear deodorant in the summer months. I don't really need it in the winter....Ya know?

Some people just stink and I think they get so used to it that they can't even smell themselves...Ewww!

Don't even get me started on the whole TV things. I'm thinking about cancelling cable. Or just not paying the bill...

I am disgusted when I see people doing things in movies that require a good washing up afterwards. I know that they are acting but come on, WASH YOUR HANDS AT LEAST!

I don't think that vampires cry blood. How can that be possible? If you cry what you eat then I cry Doritos. Nacho Cheese Doritos.


kara said...

so basically this post is about vampire jizz. and deodorant. okay, i can deal with that.

i'm flying through those books because i'm liking to see where the show might end up, but honestly - half of the novel is stuff she already said in the previous novels. if i have to read that sam is small but wiry/strong one more time, i'm going to throw the book across the room.


Stinkypaw said...

Charlie: I was awaiting that comment about the name/topic. ;-)

I'm with you on the too much perfume, but in a way I sort of prefer that to bad BO...

morethan: Maybe there are people who like "poor" (I'm sure there are some!), but it's not here!

GEM: Man, that would hurt, the Dorito tears! ;-)

kara: The heat is really affecting you, isn't it? Remember throwing the book will require some type of effort, so don't bother, it's too hot! ;-)

Just a grail said...

Good Hygiene is at the top of my list in a potential date, let alone mate. Teeth must be clean and breath good for kissing to commence, let alone anything else. Showering is a given.

When I sold real estate there was an agent in my office who REFUSED to shower daily or wear clean clothes, most days she looked like she had not combed her hair in weeks. She smelled.Bad. The owner of the company had to talk to her about her, clients refused to work with her and she was offended because no one was accepting her for her, this was her act of rebellion against the world.

Stinkypaw said...

Grail: That's just gross... eew, she should get fired for that, or at least washed! ;-)

Anonymous said...

There was a time when I worked with a co-worker that had the worst BO ever. It was completely horrifying. We tried to be subtle when we gave her our secret Santa gifts but apparently gifts of fancy soaps, bath salts and a cute matching perfume kit were somewhat obvious. Oops.

I cannot imagine that I've wondered about the other "moment" for the vampires. That's a good question but one I won't be pondering much.

Unrelated question, are you loving the Jessica/Hoyt pairing as much as I am? So cute!

Stinkypaw said...

Greenduckies: What can I say I have a dirty mind! ;-)

And yes, the Jessica/Hoyt pairing is cute!