Tuesday, July 28, 2009

That was our weekend

Just when I think I’m done with blogging because, well, you know, it’s summer, and because I’ve been busy, I get these ideas of things I could post about and then I post yet another time. I guess despite my time wasted spent on Bacefook I still want to write a few things. I actually spend time on BF playing words game before bed, it relaxes me, weird huh?

We had a pleasant weekend, did some errands, but mostly enjoyed our time together. The weather wasn’t great, but we were lucky enough to manage to walk around town and avoid all rain. Saturday after giving a bath to our kitty (that always brightens my day!) we went to see “Bale de Rua” and were somewhat disappointed. It wasn’t really what I thought it was going to be, so we walked out of there looking at the price indicated on our tickets and wondering if they were really worth it.

Sunday night, we left home a bit earlier so that we could have dinner before Mr. Cleese’s Gala since it was scheduled to start at 9:30pm. The show started about 30 min. late, after all it was an ‘add-on’, so it was to be expected in a way. The people sitting next to me were, before the show even started, complaining about how late it was, etc. Those people weren’t the same people who were there on Wed. – we did recognize a few people around us – so they had to buy or accept their tickets. It was written on the ticket that it started at 9:30, so why in Hell’s name did they come? Yes it was going to be a late night, and it was. We got out of there by midnight almost.
Mr. Cleese aged and it showed. Granted the way he was dressed didn’t help him much, but still. He didn’t really say anything about his health, other than showing up on stage with an IV pole.

Despite everything it was a good evening, the crowd was a bit tough though. It was almost as if people weren’t into it, was it too late? A few comedians even said so. The line up was good and included people like Louie Anderson, Louis CK (really funny!), Bobcat Goldthwait (still strange after all these years, and yet LOL at his MJ jokes), Caroline Rhea (love her), Paul Rodriguez, to name a few. We both enjoyed our evening and were lucky enough to walk home after a storm.

Photograph by: THE GAZETTE/John Mahoney


Marius said...

Please don't stop blogging. For what it's worth I've decided to try to increase my blog output, so let's keep blogging together, m'kay? :-D

That sounds like a killer night of comedy. It's a shame that Cleese was less than thrilling. It's hard to watch the giants of our youth fade away.

Anonymous said...

What a line-up. I am sure he was just the host of the event, but it had to be tough seeing him like that...

Periwinkle Studio said...

We went to a comedy show in Las Vegas and got really good prices on our tickets. Little did we know, our 'deal' was because our show was very ummm...low budget and not very funny except for one young fella.
Never the less, it was a good time. It is always good to get out.

I have enjoyed spending my time on BF too and those word games are very addicting. I look at the ones missed and go...huh? I knew THAT word! :)
Keep blogging...I would miss you way too much!(hugs)

Anonymous said...

I am a FaceBook junkie. I admit it.

Stand up comedy is always hit or miss, isn't it? I love it but sometimes you just want to smash the person in the face with a brick. Probably why I don't go see much stand up and will watch on Comedy Central. If I don't like it, I can turn the channel and not go to prison!

flurrious said...

I saw Cleese interviewed a while back and I was surprised at how much he had aged, though I don't know why I would have been. Maybe because I still think of him as Basil Fawlty. Even though the crowd was off, it sounds like a great show anyway.

Stinkypaw said...

Marius: m'kay!

morethan: He did do some skitts, and he's still funny, just got older I guess.

Periwinkle: Thanks, I'll try.

greenduckies: Good thinking! ;-)

flurrious: It was a very good show, despite the crowd!