Sunday, November 01, 2009

It's getting closer... it's coming fast!

You do realise that in less than two months Christmas will have come and be done with? I just can’t believe we’re already getting to that time of year, my favourite time of year that is. I’m with you on the “it’s too early”, or for my American friends “Let’s do Thanksgiving first”, I hear all of you, but come on, it will be Christmas in less than 53 days.

For me Christmas has always been about giving. I don’t do it because I have to, but because I want to. I also do it on birthdays, and on regular days, just because. I will admit to a hidden agenda, I assume it completely; I give because it makes me feel good. There I said it, it’s all about me!

I hate Christmas shopping. Actually to be more precise, what I really hate is people shopping during the Holidays. You know the type who turns into “Goggles Paisano” in the parking lot of the malls? Or the ones who are ready to tackle you to get to an item or a cash register before you? Those people I have no patience for.

In order for me to remain calm but mostly to avoid malls that time of year, I’ve been doing my shopping whenever throughout the year. I run an errand at the bookstore and see this cute little key ring that I think Whatshername would enjoy, I get it for her. I have a big box dedicated to accumulate all my gift-purchases. As of today, I can say I only have one or two items to get still. Then I’ll be ready to ship some stuff overseas, if I want them to get there for Christmas and not by Easter, because the “cheaper” way to ship goods (which is far from being cheap, if you ask me!) is by boat and that takes months!

Two weeks ago I asked you if you’d be interested in doing a gift exchange and some of you were. Following the comments received, I thought why not give our little shinding a theme; which will be something “homemade” or “handmade”.

So without further ado I present you “Stinky Santa”, ain’t he cute? (Not everybody in the Stinky house enjoys Christmas as much as I do, as you can see, but both of them (Hubby and Tobi) let me have my way with them since it’s once a year.)

Merely enter your email address in the comments, and I will email you (by Nov. 25th the latest) the name of a fellow blogger randomly chosen for the gift exchange! (You can enter your email like this: name ( at ) domain ( dot ) com if you are worried about spammers.)

The spending limit will be between $1 and $1 trillion. All you’ll have to do will be to send a gift that you’ve made (preferably!) or that’s handmade that you feel is appropriate for the blogger that has been randomly chosen for you. Is that simple enough?


lizgwiz said...

kara said...

i'm taking part in this against my will. but only in the sending, not the receiving and it's already on its way so i win. i know it's not a contest, but i still win.

CarpeDM said...

I love the idea, especially home or handmade. This will be a lot of fun!