Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Yeah, bullet form. Bite me.

  • I guess one could say my “good day” has passed. Oh well!

  • Life is busy in Stinkville. I’m not complaining, I’m thankful we’re both working. It’s an observation, that's all.

  • We’ve had our first snowfall of the season on Monday. It was more a sprinkle than a snowfall, but it covered the ground.

  • Both Hubby and myself made it to the “pros” level at Wii tennis. Aren’t you happy for us? You should be.

  • Because of my selection of Christmas cards, we find little glitters everywhere.

  • On Thursday night we’re going to see “Yamato” Japanese Drums. I can’t wait. For some reasons every time I hear them I get teary eyes. Their rhythm moves me. Check 'em out.

  • I have a Christmas party, already, on Saturday. I have to bake a cake. I’ve decided to do a cake called “Better Than Sex”, it’s so decadently yummy!

  • After I don't know how long, I'l be getting that second opinion I wanted. I'll be seeing a neurologist this week. I have all my MRIs, CT Scan and results. Anything to accelerate the process. I just hope he won't send me back for more friggin' tests. Argh.

  • That's it for me, time to say "bonne nuit"...


Tracey said...

Pros = yay!

Drums = yay!

Cake = yay!!

Tests = Booo!

Your title made me think of an AC/DC song. Give me a bullet to bite on...
Somethin' to chew....give me a bullet to bite on, and I'll make believe, I'll make believe it's you...

(not you, just lyrics!)

Green-Eyed Momster

Charlie said...

I hate that glittery stuff--not even the vacuum will pick it up, but the dogs' fur does.

Great video of the drummers. Personally, I would need a headache pill before the show.

And don't say tests, Stinky; they're going around half of Bloggerville. Consider this some electronic good luck: ZAP!

Purple Pigeon said...

Argh, christmas cards! I had totally forgotten!

Congrats on the Pro status!

My word verification is 'abless'

aahhhh bless!

Meg said...

Good luck with the second opinion!

greenduckiesgirl said...

Honestly, I love to use bullet form. Many of my Monday posts are called Bullet Point Monday (because Mondays are tough so there should be some bullets to chew on or something like that).

I hope the appointment goes well and things are happy and shiny and glittery (but not on your carpet!)

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