Wednesday, February 10, 2010

It's open. It can't be too opened... or do I only think it's open?

I consider myself open minded, or so I thought. I saw something today, which bothered me. As I was walking home from the post office, at a bus stop by our place, I saw a bus driver who had turned the hazard lights on the City bus, praying on the sidewalk. He was Muslim, and thus on his knees bowing. I had to go around him.

Since I’ve seen him I’ve been wondering about why it disturbed me. It wasn’t the fact that I had to walk around him, but something about it all bugged me.

I don’t really care what religion one chooses to follow. I think all bases are the same. The main difference comes from how man chooses to interpret it. It is man’s interpretation that really fouls things up. Beliefs, or lack thereof, are really personal. I’m realising that I have an issue with how people choose to follow. I’ve always hated anyone who tried to enrol me into anything or having to do something I didn’t believe in. I’m also not a fan of “advertising” one’s beliefs. You believe in clowns, good for you, please don’t expect me to dress like one or to share your beliefs, ok? I like your colours, can we leave it at that, type of thing…

That being said I have friends who are devout Muslims. We’ve talked about the Koran, theirs beliefs, rituals, etc. I know they have to pray five times a day. I’ve worked with Muslims as well. That was the first place I actually saw a woman praying in the women’s bathroom. I thought it was a little strange but to each its own. Last Christmas, while at the mall shopping I practically tripped over two women praying by the ladies’ washroom. Seeing this bus driver today was really the strangest so far for me: on the sidewalk, at –8°C, by a parked bus. I can’t help to wonder when is it or what is the point when one goes from being a devout to a fanatic?

I’m wondering what about seeing him today disturbed me? Was it how and where he chose to do it? I know one could be sitting in there office and be praying. Like I said I’m no fan of “advertising” so maybe that’s what bugged me? I’ll have to be thinking about this, because even if a part of me doesn’t care what he was doing, there’s also a part of me that is annoyed, and thinks it’s a bit much. I guess in a way it’s like the way I feel about breast-feeding. It’s all good, natural, etc. but a little discretion goes a long way. I’ve heard a comedian once say: “Masturbating is also natural, but I do it in the privacy of my home”.

…I guess it’s true what they say about location, location, location…

Image: Praying


Wandering Coyote said...

Was the bus in service? Because if it was, I'd be ticked if I were a passenger, no matter how open minded I am. The bus is supposed to get somewhere on a schedule!

Marius said...

Being annoyed by this is not being closed minded. I'm often baffled by the concessions people expect because of their religion, or physical condition, or whatever. If you are devout enough to have to stop whatever you are doing five times a day to pray, don't get a job where that would be a problem, like, oh I don't know, DRIVING A CITY BUS!!!

morethananelectrician said...

You now have me rethinking my personal masturbation policy. Thank you for opening my eyes...which will make me keep my pants zipped up from now on.

PinkPiddyPaws said...

Have you read the story about the guy with Tourettes that was escorted out of Starbucks? I think you should Google it and then we need to have a discussion. ;)

Stinkypaw said...

Wandering Coyote: Welcome to my blog! Yes the bus was in service, but luckily there was no passenger inside (that I saw). I guess he was 'ahead' of his schedule... ;-)

Marius: Thank you, sire. I've had a similar issue with turban wearing cops, maybe they shouldn't choose a field that goes against 'their' beliefs.

morethan: Keep on masturbating, but not in public! ;-)

PPPaws: I Googled it and I'm sorry... I don't get it (your point)? Maybe we DO need to talk! ;-)

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