Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I should become a PI or something - Stinkypaw, PI

I’ve been scrapbooking and going through old pictures. A few days ago I was making a page for my 12th birthday. On said picture you could see me surrounded by six friends, all girls. They were also part of my “Pink Ladies” group (yep, I’m a “Grease” child). After I finished primary school, I didn’t go to the local high school, since I had asked my parents to send me someplace where we’d all be dressed the same (remember, I wasn’t allowed to wear jeans?), I had had enough torments in little school about the way I dressed and didn’t want to suffer that in high school.

After our sixth grade, I basically lost touch with all my friends from back then. It’s as if I never spent those past six years with them. They disappeared, and so did I, I guess. I just noticed, while looking at my “friends” album it’s almost as if I didn’t have friends prior to high school. My mother has pictures of my friends and I, but for some reason, I don’t. Strange.

While creating my page, I couldn’t help but think about N. I often wondered what she’d become. Before going to bed that evening, I did my daily Bacefook visit to read the updated status & play a little game of dice. I decided to look for her on there. I couldn’t find her, so I looked for her sisters. I found many women called the same names, and after going through a bunch I decided to write two of them, asking them if they were related to N. Yesterday morning C. & F. both had answered me. They actually are N’s sisters. I couldn’t believe it. They would let her know I was looking for her. This morning C gave me N’s email address so I wrote her a quick note. She answered it, and sent a picture with it. Man, oh man! I don’t think I would have recognized her if I’d crossed her on the street. I guess my souvenir of her is really from 1978… It was nice to read how she’s been doing. Unlike me, she always remained in the same neighbourhood. I wonder how many of my old school mates stayed in the old neighbourhood? Am I one of the few who moved out of that area? Imagine, organizing a reunion for our 6th grade classes, wouldn’t that be something?


Robert the Skeptic said...

My first contact when I got onto FaceBook was connecting with a girl who I had a crush on in the 6th grade. Later she dropped off of FaceBook entirely. Now I have a hundred or so "friends" who I have no clue who they are.

lizgwiz said...

A friend of mine recently returned from a trip to attend an 8th grade reunion, and said she had a fabulous time.

I pretty much went to school with the same people, K-12, so that wouldn't be any different for me than a high school reunion. Heh.

Stinkypaw said...

Robert the Skeptic: I feel for you, not knowing your "friends" like that, sad... ;-)

lizgwiz: If you went from K-12 then no, it would be no different. Heh, indeed.

Meg said...

That's one awesome thing about Facebook. I love cruising it and seeing what people look like now.