Thursday, July 29, 2010

Aloha from the Kona Coast of Hawaii!

Aloha oe,

Decided to take a few minutes to let you know how well things are going in Kona.  So far, we've had beautiful weather daily, we snorkeled, went for a two hours helicopter tour of the island where we saw some hot lava spots (quite impressive!), visited a seahorse farm where we saw them from tiny little things to full grown.  It was a very instructive tour and at the end we got to hold one on a finger - really neat!  We've been enjoying the natural beauty of the Big Island, to hear all these birds every day is something else.

Yesterday we actually spent part of the day at the beach, a white sand beach.  It was a gorgeous relaxing day.  Today though we're paying the price for this day in the sun...  All four of us got sun burn, bad and this despite the 30 sunscreen!  My face is almost purple it's so red, and my skin feels like it is fir for a 5'4" when I'm 5'8" - it's too short for me to be comfortable in!

I now leave you with a picture I took on the way back to our condo... beautiful sunset Hawaiian style!

Not bad, not bad at all...


Green-Eyed Momster said...

I am so jealous! Not about the sunburn though...

See if you can find some Aloe Vera.

Enjoy your self! On fact, I'm begging you to have enough fun for both of us, okay?

Hugs and love...or Aloha!!

TechnoBabe said...

30 will not be enough over there. So sorry you are feeling the effects of too much sun. I hope it doesn't keep you from enjoying the time you have left there.