Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Mon ami, Charlie...

When I started blogging back in 2006, I never thought I’d be doing it still four years later nor did I expect to meet so many people. Throughout the years many bloggers came and went, some did leave a mark and others well… you know. I’m still surprise to see how much the internet is allowing us to connect with pure strangers, with people who, in real life, we may not have even looked at, and yet, in here, we exchange, we share, we become friends. The strangest thing that I’ve realised through blogging was how much I cared about my ‘blends’. They became part of my life, they were my blog friends, they became real if you want.

Since I’ve been here I’ve seen bloggers disappear; one day they post and the next their blog is gone. No note were left behind, no explanation, they just “unplugged” if you will. Some others took breaks, had kids, changed jobs or were going through some rough times and decided to call it quit in order to work on whatever life was sending their way. I even had to mourn a fellow blogger. To read about her illness and how she was losing her fight against cancer was rough, and to read that post when her death was announced felt (and still does) unreal. And yet, life, real life, was happening out there behind this screen.

I know we all “exist” beyond this, this is not computer generated (at least I hope not!), we all have lives and we’re all living it, hopefully to the fullest. We all blog for different reasons: I started to have a place to post my Friday Smiles… I’ve kept going because of the people I met along the way; among those people there was Charlie. When I first encounter him he was going under the alias “Admiral Pooper”. He’d, at times, signed his comments as “Grandpaw” (but no relation to me) and then became Charlie. We’d have email exchanges here and there, and he always had an encouraging word. I always thought of him as a sweet man. He was a good blend.

As I grow older, I accept life for what it is: a circle with a beginning and an end. Death is the one thing we can all be certain of, no matter our race, colour, religious beliefs, fortune or anything else, death has no mercy and will come. There is no way out of this one, that’s for sure. I think it’s great that Charlie has been able to prepare us (as well as himself) for what’s coming. It not must be easy. I remember doing it with my father, it wasn’t easy, but I’m so glad we did use his last moments to talk, to tell each other things we hadn’t before. Two years ago I wrote a letter to a friend of my parents who was dying of cancer. I wanted to thank him for what he’d done for my parents and me throughout the years. I didn’t do it for him, but for me, because I needed him to know.

At this moment, I’m addressing Charlie: I want to thank you dear Charlie for all your kind words, insights and wise-ass comments. For some strange reasons, I connected with you and I feel blessed to have had the opportunity to have met you, if only virtually. As I sit here, I can’t help but feel much love for you and Martha. You once wrote me “our time IS precious and valuable because we have less of it than we think”, so very true. May you enjoy your last moments in peace, with Martha, and know you are and will always be loved.

I am honoured and proud to be a blend of yours, Charlie. It's people like you who make blogging worthwhile. Merci, mon ami je ne vous oublierai jamais.
Image: from his blog


Ponita in Real Life said...

Your blog title caught my eye in Charlie's reading list... thought I would pop over and have a read. Thanks for sharing... he's a wonderful guy, isn't he!

At this rate, his head is gonna swell and pop long before the emphysema gets him. ;-)

Cinner said...

This is a beautiful post, I don't know Charlie but he sounds like a very nice man. I hope he has many days with no pain ahead of him. sorry to hear of failing health. hugs to you.

Marius said...

Too often things like this don't get said until the person who needs to see it is gone. You are a wonderful friend, Stinky, and Charlie is a lucky man to have garnered your friendship.(and just for the record, so am I) :-)

laytonwoman3rd said...

Thanks for saying what so many of us feel about Charlie. Since I don't blog myself, I have no way of publicly singing his praises. I'm glad you and some of his other followers will get the word out. The man has blessed my life with his insight and humor, to say nothing of his marvelous attitude as he faces the rough and ever-shortening road out of here.

Robert the Skeptic said...

I am going to miss Charlie as well, he was the first blog that I followed. It was only a few months ago that "Penny's Word" dropped from the blogs after she was killed in an auto accident; Penny lived in Australia. She often posted beautiful photographs of birds and nature on her blog.

Charlie is leaving at the top of his game, but by his choice... which is the best way to go.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for being a precious blend- you make my life better for your presence. Much love to you, Stinky.

Kim Ayres said...

I remember Admiral Pooper Scooper well - including the avatar he used of a cat with a lime on its head :)

Good post.

Very spookily, my word verification is "diess"

TechnoBabe said...

I don't know Charlie in real life but to me he is a brother. I care so much for him and am grateful to have found his blog when I did. He is "for real" and I too am sad he is failing and preparing to take a last breath. He is even helping us with that. Very nice post and a lovely tribute to Charlie.