Tuesday, February 08, 2011

OK, it snowed now! Woohoo!

How can people live in a house which smells so friggin' bad?  As soon as the door opens, you get hit by this really foul smell: a mixture of wet dog and cat urine.  I'm very sensitive to odors.  I like smelling fresh and clean.  Being in an environment that smells like cat piss turns me off so bad.  After spending a few hours in there, I feel like I smell as bad as the rest of it all.  It feels as if it almost burning the inside walls of my nasal passages.  It is so strong.  I feel the need to shower.  This is really not pleasant.

I once thought things were getting better, and they sort of did for a short while.  Lately it's gotten worst.  Burning smelling candles, using plug-ins, leaving a window open doesn't do much.  The candle helps in the immediate area where it's lit, but that's about it.

If having so many cats is too much for a family, why don't they get rid of them?  I understand the attachment, the commitment, but this is ridiculous.  This house smells worst than many vet's offices and even kennels I've visited.  I can't believe they don't smell it.  It's impossible.   Can one get immune to it? The sad thing is I do know it is not really the cats that smell, its their environment, their litter box that need to be emptied, changed, refilled.  Don't they see the litter bits all over the floor?  Don't they care that their house is taken over by filth?
My little corner is clean.  I keep it clean, as much as I can.  They even comment on it, which always makes me feel a little weird.

As I leave there, I think everything smells.  It's been hours since I was in there and yet, I still have this smell hanging over me, I can almost see it.  I really don't get it.  How can one be so disconnected, so out of touch with reality not to care anymore?  I'm disgusted, feeling dirty and somewhat sad... argh.


flurrious said...

I think people do get used to the smell, especially if they're at home more than not. I sometimes wonder what my house smells like to others, but I'm going to guess: potato chips.

I don't remember whose blog I read it on, but a long time ago someone posted her weekend To Do list and one of the items was "clean the cat litter box," which really grossed me out because, really, she needed to write that down and then wait for the weekend? That's like saying, "oh, I plan to flush the toilet on Sunday. Better write it down so I don't forget!" Mostly I felt sorry for her cat.

Robert the Skeptic said...

We have friends who have several dogs and their house always has that "doggy smell". It's disgusting.

Daddy Papersurfer said...

I actually mention it when I visit people with pets ..... to various reactions ...... I don't care ..

kara said...

i honestly don't understand the lure of owning more than one cat let alone enough cats to cause that kind of smell to permeate an entire house. but then, i strongly dislike most people.

Stinkypaw said...

flurrious: I hope to never get use to such a smell. I've often wondered (too) what our house smelled like to others. I feel sorry for that cat as well.

Robert: Pet smells are not pleasant, no matter the type of pet, I'd say.

Daddy P: Good for you!

kara: I knew I liked you for a reason other than your pickles!