Wednesday, June 29, 2011

More Chlorine please!

At times one has to wonder if we, as humans, are as stupid as we act.  For years now I've been saying the gene pool was in serious need in chlorine, and I'm realising not only does it still needs chlorine, but it did many years ago as well.  Stupidity isn't something new, quite the contrary. It's been around as long as we have.  It's sad.  It's also very upsetting. I wish it'd be legal (or at least somewhat accepted) to whack some sense into people. I'm sure it would help some, but at best, some of us would feel a little better!

To realise someone was acting stupid in order to get where or what he wanted is just plain Machiavelli.  How low can one go, really?  To play stupid in order to get compassion, or even better, a partner is really twisted.  Can someone be that unconscious of their actions and how it will affect people? Or is that stupidity in its purest form?  No matter what it is for sure very deceptive and to a point hurtful.  Especially if the offender doesn't see (nor understand) how his actions are affecting people.

In a way I'd love to be that unaware of people around me.  It must be nice to only think of oneself and fuck the rest. I'm trying hard to remind myself every person in my life has a purpose... if nothing more than to be a constant reminder of the kind of person I NEVER want to become...

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Steph said...

Gawwwwd, in a world that has made the idiots on Jersey Shore famous, it's hard not to get angry!