Friday, October 07, 2011

Trying to catch up...

I somehow feel like I'm miserably failing.  I just can't seem to catch up.  Isn't it always like day after any time off?  Why bother going away if upon our return it's just worst?  Before we left for the conference, which was great thank you for asking, by the way, I was all good.  I was up to date in my work, with house chores, etc.  We were gone fifteen days. That is all. We left on a Sunday and came back two Sundays later.  The first week was all work (training, conference, etc), the second week was a little more relax, we got to shop some, visited some things, caught a few shows... I only got to swim twice in the first twelve days, and not because the weather wasn't good, it was freakin' hot, I just didn't have time and when I did the pool was closed. Can you believe the Bellagio closes its pools at 7pm?  I couldn't! It seems odd to me... maybe it's to avoid the drunks falling in the pool at night or something... oh well.

The to add to our enjoyment, we flew to Hawaii for a funeral.  A dear friend passed away, so being half way there, we made it to the funeral.  We arrived in Honolulu on Thursday afternoon, the service was on Friday and we came home Saturday - that was a real quickie!  I haven't caught up to our time zone yet.  My body is all messed up.  I need a vacation from my time away from the office.

Since we've been back, I've been catching up with emails and mail - we get so much mail it's unreal.  Work is busy and between everything else, I had planned a reunion with school mates since one was going to be in town for a short visit from Holland.  That was last night.  It was nice catching up with people, but by 10pm I was ready to go home, so I did.

I did manage to get actual work done today, not bad, after a week of being home!

There are things I want to implement in our business, things I've learned at the conference, but I haven't had time to sit and really think about it.  I swear at times, I can't help but wonder how you parents do it.  My hat off to you guys! Seriously.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to breathe some, so I'm off to my meditation class. If I don't relax at worst I'll sleep - teehee.


Marius said...

Jinkies! How do you say 'superwoman' in French? I'd say just surviving that 'vacation' is an accomplishment. I'd imagine that they close their swimming pool so early so as not to distract people from the more important distraction of giving their money away at the hotel casino. I'm sorry to hear about your friend, but I suppose there are worse places to attend a funeral.

It is good to see you back here, though. I've been missing your blogs, though I know I'm not one to talk(although I do have a good excuse for once) but it always brings a smile to my morning when I see your blog's title highlighted in my reader feed. Welcome home, and may your recovery be at least tranquil. :-)

Attila The Mom said...