Thursday, November 03, 2011

I haven't changed that much...

Looking at my scrap pages, I've once again came to the conclusion I still have the same face.  I haven't change much, unlike some people who you can barely recognize from kids to adults.  Last high school reunion I had, in October, a guy showed up and I did remember his name but I could not remember what he looked like in school.  His eyes looked familiar, but not enough for me to say I knew who he was.  We talked about who he used to hang with, etc. and I just couldn't picture him back in those days.

When I got home that night, I took out some year books I had and went on Bacefook to look at old pictures people had posted from school.  When I came across his picture I knew who he was, and besides his eyes, he wasn't the same guy at all.  In school he was this skinny, not too tall boy with bulging eyes.  When I saw him in October, he was this well built, relatively tall man, with the same eyes, but somehow I guess he grew into those eyes of his, since they didn't seem so bulging anymore.

Looking at me on this page, for my first birthday, I'd say it's the last picture I'll post of me, without blocking my face.  Plus, it's pissing me off that I can't scan my pages correctly.  I should take a picture of the pages I want to post rather than scan them, but to be honest, I'm thinking it will be enough of an effort to actually post daily this month without having to add picture taking, resizing, etc.  Call me lazy!

My First Steps
My mom stood me by the TV set, before she could take a picture of me on my first birthday, and that is when I started to walk.  Looking at this picture (bottom) I guess I was happy to be walking!  The card next to my pictures, is actually I card I had received from my grand parents on that day.  It's a beauty, a card like we don't see nowadays.  Do I sound old or what?!

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