Wednesday, November 02, 2011

I'm so cute. What happened?

I don't know if this will interest anyone, but since I said I would, I will.  I'm funny that way. Ah!

Here's the first page of my scrapbook album.  My scanner isn't wide enough, but you get the idea or should I say the picture?

On my birth day, in hospital nursery.
I have to say I do feel proud when I look at my album - I've put in a lot of time, money and love in making these pages.  When I sit at my table and start a page it is as if the world slows down some... I go into my bubble and let my creativity run wild.  I truly enjoy every moments of it and this even if it may (will) sound tacky to some.  I have fun scrapbooking. 

If you look under my picture, you'll see my hospital bracelet - my mom kept it.  What can I say I was her first child and turned out to be her only one.  I was the first grand child on her side of the family as well.  It came with lots of benefits but also some burdens to carry.  To think I was such a little thing... how times change...

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