Tuesday, November 01, 2011

It has begun.

This idea of daily posting for a month is making me break out a little... where do I start?  I don't think I have that much stuff to tell left in me... Oh, I have plenty of useless information, but interesting facts I'm not so sure.

 This past weekend I drove to Québec City to surprise a cousin of mine who was turning sixty.  It was a dinner party organised by her daughter, for women only.  Cousin was so surprised and moved to see sixteen of us who made their way to Québec just for her.  It was a pleasant evening.  During the evening, I talked with Cousin who was saying that turning sixty was really the first time she ever felt something about her age.  I have to say she does look great, and doesn't look her age at all.  Talking with her got me thinking about my upcoming birthday.  I don't think aging ever really bothered me since I've always felt young and being pleasantly plump has the advantage of dissimulating wrinkles.  I do see that I'm aging.  Typing just now, and looking at my hands, I can see that my skin changed.  I see my mother's hands on my keyboard.  When I put on my face in the morning I see the skin around my eyes, and it's not as fresh as it once was.  I won't even talk about how the body feels, what's the point, you get my drift.

Saturday, while sitting around with my cousin's friends, who were all closer to my age than hers, they started talking about their age.  Looking at them I realised that I'm aging well, all considered.  Some of them were even younger than me, and yet they looked more like mid-fifties than mid-forties. 

I've often heard older folks say "aging is in your head" and somehow I think it's true.  The way one acts plays a lot with the way one looks, I'm sure.  I'm not talking about dressing too young for ones age, dating younger men (which is not a bad thing, ...just saying!), or trying too hard to remain young.  If one really feels young at heart I believe it will show it. 

I don't mind those lines around my eyes due to my laughing a lot.  They are the proof that life has been good to me, and that I've enjoyed it, so it's all good and worth showing I'd say.

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Steve Bailey said...

I couldnt agree more with the idea that age is in your head.... and I guess maybe the plastic surgeons?