Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Maybe you can help?

I'm facing somewhat of a dilemma.  I've been working for a client trying to get him a better service for his clients, through a connection I've made recently.  For the last month, it's been a constant back and forth in regards to this matter: first with my client since he wanted different scenarios, at different costs; then with the misc. suppliers about their respective costs, services, etc.  Finally, the client agreed to go with my suggestion.  I was happy and thought it would be relatively smooth sailing from there.  Error!

What started out as a pleasant exchange with an old gentleman is slowly starting to make me feel as if someone is running their nails down a blackboard.  You know that feeling?  Yeah, that's it!

I've explained my client's needs.  They were said to be understood.  I was asked another question.  It made me realize it may not be a smooth a sail as I thought.  Another form to sign was sent my way.  I had to fetch more signatures and provide more explanations to my client.  Then a few days later, oops, something wasn't quite right, so if I could provide something else.  And I did.  All along I've remained calm and pleasant, and this despite my building aggravation.  I wanted it to work so I shut up.

This morning he replied he was only doing his job.   This is where you come in.  I just received yet another email from him, asking me to sign yet another form and provide more documents when two weeks ago he said he didn't need that type of documents for what my client wanted.  I've composed an email in which I remind him of previous exchanges we've had and how I feel that maybe I'm not getting the services I thought I would.  My question is, should I copy his manager who initially was my contact for this service who did "pass me along" to one of his staff (old gentleman)?  What would you do?


Steve Bailey said...

Absolutely..... get his boss involved!


Send him a computer virus! But that might just be too passive aggressive?

Stinkypaw said...

Steve: I did, let's see if that gives anything...