Monday, November 14, 2011

Too many things

There are too many things to post about.  Imagine that!  Nah, not really, I'm just busy, teehee.

Yesterday, my swim partner wasn't coming due to another commitment, so I didn't really feel like going by myself either, but I put on the swim suit and drove to the Big O. (that's how we call our Olympic Stadium, vestige of 1976).  As soon as I turned on the street of the stadium I could see lots of cars, and people.  To add to my pleasure, there was a freakin' football game!  Finding parking was impossible, so I turned around and headed home - so much for my effort!

I told my mother we wouldn't be here for Christmas... I was a little worried about her reaction, but she just said "Oh, ok" -  Funny what a man in her life can do!

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