Sunday, November 13, 2011

Curiosity did not kill this cat.

We watched "Milk" (I know, our movies viewing isn't up to date) and I really enjoyed it.  I still can't get over the fact that to this day we're still fighting about gay rights.  Watching the movie, and seeing old footage of arguments about some bills and how (like always) God is brought into the mix (it's nuts the things we do in His name), and how stupid it all is... one would think we would be more advanced or something, but no.  We still argue about the same things, we're still stupid.  It's ridiculous.

Why should I care what others do, how they live their lives or with whom they have sex?  It is their business.  As long as they don't hurt anyone, who cares, really?  Thinking about it all, I'm realising I've never really felt fear or anger towards someone because they were/are different.  On the contrary, I often felt/feel curiosity.  I want to know about what makes them that way.  I've asked gay friends how or when they realised they were gay.  Like I've asked questions to a Buddhist friend.  I want to better understand them, so I ask question. 

At a client of mine, there are a few Muslims.  One day I walked in a room, and one of them was doing his prayers.  After he was done, I asked him if we could talked about what I'd walked in in.  He agreed and we talked about his religious practise and beliefs.  It was very interesting to have this chat with him.  He seemed surprised at first about my curiosity, but since then told me I was the only one in the office who actually asked him anything.

Sometimes when I think of how Black people were treated only fifty years ago it seems so foreign to me.  I've always been curious of others, different cultures, traditions, colors, religions... name it I have a question about it.  I want to know.

Hubby's grand mother used to tell him "you are as many people as you speak" (or something like that), I totally agree with that and I also believe the more you expose yourself to others the more you have to gain from it.  It must not be easy for anyone having to battle stereotypes, having to fight to be who you are... I feel for them.  I guess because of the type of society we live in, I've had it easy.  I just had to fight some (in martial arts, mostly a man's sport) and that fight got to me.  I can't even imagine having to do this on a daily basis...

I wonder if we were all minding our own business, if things would be easier?!  What do you think?


Anonymous said...

What does that mean- "you are as many people as you speak"? Does that mean languages, or as many people as you expose yourself to, the more adaptable you are- or something else?

Also, yes, people should just be happy they can have their own beliefs and not try to push their values on others. I say, as I am trying to push my value of everyone minding their own business :)

Stinkypaw said...

Sorry my bad - his grand mother used to tell him this in regards to languages. He spoke 3 at age 7. I think she meant, the more you learn (other languages and about others) the better off you were.

Minding our own business is easier said than done...