Wednesday, November 09, 2011

What am I saying?

This morning I caught myself thinking like a real Montrealer and that was somewhat surprising to me.  I was born in a little town (some would say village, but it's a town, officially) eight hours north of Montreal.  I grew up in Montreal, but every chance we got we went back to "Meeting Place" (translation of its' Native name), we had relatives and friends there. In doing so regularly, distances were never a real big issue for me.  I drove to Florida a few times, and didn't mind the hours in the car.  Drove to PEI as well (about thirteen hours), enjoyed it.  I will admit that I can easily sleep in a car. Distance is not an issue.  Especially when I need to sleep.

When we lived in the suburbs, it was about thirty minutes to come to town, on a good day and traffic is good.  This morning I had to go to our old neck of the woods.  Strange things is, since we're downtown, we regularly go to the suburbs to shop. While I was getting ready to leave I thought "argh, drive to the West Island".  That's the first sign that I'm turning into a city mouse.  I'm getting used to having everything near, and yet, even if we don't do much shopping in town. Weird. 

I've been evaluating our living arrangements, we need more space since we have too much shit. Everything in town is exorbitant so maybe the suburbs are the way to go (back)... argh.


Anonymous said...

Time to purge- not to move! Do they have Craigs List ibn Canada? If so, do it- not only will you get rid of some stuff and make a little scratch- you will have tons of entertainment from the kind of people who contact you. It is a triple win!

Stinkypaw said...

Monkey: Hey, welcome back!

We do have something similar to CL, and I've been selling lots of stuff on there, I love it. We've purged so much when we sold the house, and we still do regularly. We need more space, seriously, if only for my scrapbooking stuff - I have so much and no where to put it all... a real eyesore.

Anonymous said...

I am please to meet a blogger from Montreal and look forward to learn more about your vibrant city through your adventures.