Saturday, November 05, 2011

You don't really need imagination.

Only the 5th day and I'm running low on inspiration, this is promising.

While in Vegas in September, the conference organizers had asked the "newbies" like me to let them know via email, what our impression were.  I wrote a little email and send it away.  Imagine my surprise yesterday when I received an email informing me that a $50. Visa Gift Card was on its way to me.  I won!  Me!  Wow!  I very seldom win anything.  This is a nice treat!

Some day during the past week, we had a note in our mail box from the Cinema Bureau informing us they would be filming in our area.  That normally means our street will be closed, there won't be any parking and there will be a lots of people around. They also mentioned some gun shots. Well... they didn't lie about that.  It was not only a few, but many and it also involved some fire back shots as well.  Let's just say I don't know how people living in a place where there are guns being fired on a regular base manage it.  It was somewhat stressful.   I was hoping to see Eric Roberts or Eddie Izzard, but no such luck.  I only saw the crew.  I guess I'll have to keep an eye out for the TV Series "Bullet in the Face". 

I love to see a movie and realised it was shot someplace I know.  Last week, while watching Hawaii 5-0 they had a scene near the beach where we got married.  Both Hubby and I were all excited to see our beach. Magic Island will always be our special place, that's for sure. 


Attila The Mom said...

LOL---A couple of hours away is an old western town-turned tourist attraction. A lot of old John Wayne, etc movies were shot there. We love to watch them and recognize the sets!

Marius said...

I truly wish I didn't have an answer for you, but you get used to gunshots, especially once you realize they are rarely followed by sirens, which means lots of bullets never hit people.