Sunday, November 06, 2011

Can you see the flames from where you are?

Back in 2007, after receiving an email I had made a post requesting people to let me know their date of birth.  I thought people would participate (for one) and that we would fill out everyday of the year.  Seems like I was wrong.  Every now and then, someone will comment and add their name and date.  I've been keeping the list up to date, as much as I can, but since some bloggers disappeared from the Blogosphere their link doesn't work anymore.

Because of that list, I can tell you that today is Princess Slea and Daddy Papersurfer's birthday!  I take this time to wish the both of them a very happy birthday!  May your day be full of good times and field with love.  All the best to both of you!

If I was to add friends and relatives, that list would be a lot more completed, but they are not bloggers necessarily, so... If your name isn't on the list yet, please do tell, I'd really like to fill it up with bloggers from all over the world.

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