Monday, November 07, 2011

No barrier with us.

Hubby's cousin regularly sends me jokes (Thanks Mousse!) some of which I use here for my Friday Smiles.  Last week she sent me this one:

When I watched it I couldn't help but laugh.  For some reason it reminded me of my couple with Hubby.  I don't remember if I ever told you the story of the first time he came to my place (if I did sorry).  We weren't really dating yet, and after a karate event he drove me home. He came up to my place and asked if he could use my bedroom.  Yes, you read correctly, he asked to use my bedroom.  He needed to lay down for a few minutes.  I thought it was a somewhat strange request, but I pointed him in the direction of my bedroom. 

I lived in a small 4 1/2.  It was old, but it was mine.  I did enjoyed the few years I spent there.  I lived alone and did things my way.  I order to have "more space" I had the bedroom door removed by the landlord.  I didn't really see the use for a door, especially since it would have had to be left opened at all times, and it couldn't swing properly since the foot of my bed was in its way. The bedroom gave out on the kitchen.

Hubby came in, took off his jacket and lay face down on my bed.  He stayed there for a while, when I heard a nice ripping sound.  I was in the living room and was somewhat surprised but cracked up.  (It seems that laughing is something I do often, and even at odd moments.)  He came back to the living room and explained he just had to let it out, since it had been building up for a while and he was really uncomfortable.

Often in comedies or with stand up comics they talk about the "fart barrier", and each time Hubby and I look at each other and smile, we've past that barrier ages ago, that one and many others actually.  I've recently saw, in a women magazine, an article which stated that if a man farts on the first date, the woman should call it quits.  It never even cross my mind, because if we're honest with ourselves we all do it, and this with or without someone around.  It's called bodily functions and they're there for a reason.  Loosen up people and let the good times roll or is that rip a good?  No matter what, you'll feel much better after!  Ask Hubby!

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PinkPiddyPaws said...

Oh my god! I laughed so hard I farted!!!! hahahahahahah