Thursday, January 26, 2012


I've been playing with different posts ideas since yesterday, and as I logged in to write this post, I read an email from a fellow blogger informing me of a sad situation.

Strange creatures we are.  We think we are strong.  We think we're ready and yet when the day comes we still get slapped in the face. Hard.

What is even stranger is how we create bonds over the internet, with complete strangers, people we've never seen and in many cases never even heard.  We got to meet because of what we've shared on our blogs.  How strange is that?

I care about my 'blends'.  I do think of them as friends. Blogging has this family quality chemistry: there is always a favorite, one this has this little something special.  It saddens me to read about a sick blend. 

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Jauckor! said...

It what it is, right?
Most of people is aware to know each other trhough internet. And let me tell you something: Is quite the same than meet people in real life. In both cases you dont ever know who are they.
There you go, I satisfied your neccesity.