Wednesday, June 13, 2012

I don't have much to report

I really don't have much to write about, but I do miss writing and mostly I miss my blends!  Bacefook has been compensating some, but still it is not the same as the life I've had here.  This was like my imaginary world except I was dealing with real people on the other side of the screen.

I was "off" for two months (about) and I would be lying if I was to write that I did think of writing posts during that time. I did not.  Since I had some time today I thought of checking up on some of my blends, by seeing who did post lately.  So I came here and it does look like Blogsville isn't the happening place it used to be, or maybe it is the blogs I used to follow.  No matter what, after lurking around here and there, I came back here and started playing with my template, the fonts, etc. and before I knew it I was hitting that "New Post" button.  Oh well. 

I don't know if I'm back for good or what, but I'm here, now. That's what is counting, right? Right!  Glad you're agreeing with me.  I'm curious to see if my old followers will be back or if I'll have to rebuild that as well...  To think that I started this blog back in April 2006 and over one thousand posts later I'm still sitting here (with a new keyboard, mouse, pc, screen, etc - how fast things need to be replaced!) telling you about the little things that make this big thing we call 'life'...

I don't pretend to be interesting or even funny.  I write the way I speak/think - there's not a big filter between my brain and my fingertips in this case (or my mouth, when I speak) - that's always been the case.  I have moments when I try to work on that and others when I just say "the hell with it!" - that's how I roll.

If you're happy to see me back, please do let me know - what can I say I love my comments!
If you're not so happy, let me know as well - on top of being a comment slut I'm curious!
And if you couldn't care less, good - makes two of us!


Marius said...

I'm here whenever, and whatever you post. :-)

Starr Nordgren said...
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Attila the Mom said...

So very happy to see you back!!!!