Thursday, June 14, 2012

Just like that.

Funny how fast things can change. Here are some examples for our lives:

  1. We, despite working with computers, etc, are not really trendy when it comes to gizmos. We like our toys, but computing wise we weren't up to date. Hubby got a tablet from his client and according to him, I've taken very quickly to it. I will confess that yes, I'm addicted to "Angry Birds". I love it! I love how easy it is to check something on the web while sitting on the coach while watching a movie. Yes I could have used my laptop, but the tablet is faster when it comes to turning it on, etc.
  2. We both had old cell phones, the type we can make calls with. That changed recently when we decided to get ourselves intelligent phones. Since we had practice with the tablet, adapting to the phone was fairly easy. I'm even adding some Apps, go figure!
  3. From being quiet at home with no real plans other than to relax and do some chores, our "social agenda" went from blank to busy, in a question of firing off a few emails.

    Yes, things can change fast, let's not forget that, and enjoy it while we can!


Marius said...

Yay for living!! :-)

flurrious said...

So, when are you getting a microwave? Kidding. I don't have a smartphone yet because I rarely even use the phone I have, but I think we're getting close to the point where if you don't have one, you're not a person or something, so I may have to give in.

I like the new template. Very pretty.

Anonymous said...

Watch out! Them Angry Birds is just one of many addictive games that will sap your time away from more constructive things like feeding squirrels.

Stinkypaw said...

Marius: Yay indeed!

flurrious: Actually our microwave is older than both our phones were! We use the phone for business mostly, otherwise we're not phoneys ;-)

Thank you for the template, I wanted an "airy" change!

squirrel: I only play at night, so by then the squirrels are fed.

Meow (aka Connie) said...

All this technology is amazing ... I've had an Iphone for almost 3 years no, and an Ipad for a year, as well as my trusty laptop. Love it, love it, love it ... even my hubby loves the Ipad, the convenience, and mobility of it. He is an ebay freak !!!
Hope you are well.
Take care,
Connie xx