Saturday, September 08, 2012

Hello World, nice to see you!

I feel like I've been lost at sea or something, the world keeps moving, fast, way too fast.  Imagine that, I've missed calling a friend on his birthday this week.  When we spoke this morning he actually asked if everything was right in our world since I had never missed his birthday.  I guess I've set a precedent.  I tend to be good about birthdays, I always either send a card, an email or a call.  Oh, I'm not that special there are way so many tools out there to help us remember, between my calendar, Bacefook and my memory it would be really hard to forget.  And yet, I did.  I will say that I did think of him on the day, but since I was at a client until late that night, I didn't call him.  Then Friday I forgot, and remembered this morning while Hubby was at the bank and I was waiting in the car.  I guess little gestures we do at times, like remembering friends' birthdays, do touch some.  Nice to know.

During our road trip, on the way back, I read the latest Sookie Stackhouse's "Deadlocked" (not the best one of the series), in the car. This last week, I've been losing myself in an another series.  I started reading "Fifty Shades of Grey".  I got into it. Really.  It's not great literature, I know that, but man oh man, I'm enjoying these babies.  I'm on the third and last book. Besides the sex (and there's lots of it), the rest is a romance novel.  Nothing too brain shattering. Call me simple, or as Christian might say "I'm enjoying some vanilla reading", ah!

I will say this, the sex the author describes is hot, but the insecurities and control issues of the two main characters are sad.  He reads like a great fuck (excuse my French!), but I don't think I could be with anyone so insecure, so needy.  He might be a sex master (or whatever else his sex experiences promoted him to be), and the hottest looking man around, but his constant needs (I'm not talking about the sexual ones) are just too much. 

If one was to fantasize about this, and see oneself in place of Ana, it sure would be nice to have a partner who loves you this much.  Who of us doesn't want their partner to compliment them, to desire them and to make them feel like they are the most beautiful thing in the world?  I don't know anyone who wouldn't enjoy feeling that special, that desired. That being said, does one needs it all to that level?  I think not.  It's nice to feel appreciated, but mostly I'd say the best feeling in the world is to be loved.  As my father would say "To love is great, but to feel loved is even greater!"  He was right about that my old man.  I rather have a man who loves me and shows me that he does his way,  and this even if he doesn't tell me every day that I'm beautiful or that I'm the center of his world.  I'm thinking it would be a heavy load to carry to be loved like that... I may be wrong (wouldn't be the first time), but somehow that type of relationship would scare me off.  That's me. 

I'm not even going to talk about the BDSM part of the series.  I think it keeps it all spicy and fun to read.  Again, that's me.

Anyway, all this to say, that I'm reading books, actually paper books - imagine that! - and that's keeping me away from here.  That and that work thing, argh.


Marius said...

Hooray for reading!! (even if it is that book. ;-)

Stinkypaw said...

Marius: Come on! It's not that bad, it's a chick series (for sure), but it's fun... especially if you read some parts to your partner! ;-)