Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Hump Day Hunk

Yep, you've read correctly!  On this fine Hump Day I'm posting a hunk, the first of a series, since I think I'll be doing that every Wednesday (just so you know!)

Maybe it's because I've been feeling somewhat hot & bothered since my reading the Grey series, or simply because that's the real me (you know)... no matter, I've decided to post some eye candy.

The cougar in me is wide awake and maybe even ready to pounce! Grrrr... is all I'm saying!

If I'm offending anyone, well... see that little "x" on top?  Click it.  For the others, enjoy!

To my male readers, 
I'm sorry, 
but you might want to skip 
coming over here on Wed.
 ...just a thought like that!

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