Thursday, September 13, 2012

I'm coming out!

I've been playing with this idea for a long time now, and I think that after more than six years of blogging, it's time for me to come out to my friends and relative who don't know that I blog.  I will always remain Stinkypaw, 'cause let's be honest there's only one of me, but to most of my friends they don't know about Stinkypaw.

Why am I deciding to come out now, you may ask?  Because I want more readers.  I enjoy reading comments and lately it's been quiet around here. I do write for my enjoyment mostly, but at the same time, if one is honest with oneself, if I didn't care about readers I'd keep on writing in my journal.

I know Blogsville changed a lot, I've been looking for new people, and managed to find a few, hopefully they will become blends as well.  That is the main thing I do enjoy about blogging - the people I've met through it all.

A few years back, while traveling to Vegas I managed to speak with a blend: GEM - she wanted to come to Vegas and meet, but it didn't work out so we ended up talking on the phone.  That was fun.

This year, before our trip to Nashville, I had an email exchange with another blend: Michelle - we tried to meet, but she became a grand mother a few days before and wanted to be there for her kids (understandably), so we didn't meet.

During our trip back from Memphis, I had coffee with an ex blogger: Preppygirl.  Since we were driving near her town, I've contacted her and we actually managed to meet.  It was nice to see her in real life.  After our little encounter, Hubby mentioned that listening to us talk was like if we did really know each other, as if we were old friends getting back together.  Strange, huh?  Think about it, we have never met, we've only read each other.  We had seen each other (thanks to Bacefook), chatted on the web here and there, but we had never spoken in person.  Seeing her was fun, and in a way renewed my blogging interest.

I also just realized that none of these three ladies still blog... sad. 

If you're reading this and are too shy to comment, don't be.  The fun part of blogging is really the exchange we get out of it.  You may agree with me, you may strongly disagree but no matter what we will get to know each other through it all and that's a blast.


France-Rose said...

I'm coming out too! I read you since you have this blog and was maybe too shy or too lazy to comment. My english is not good as yours.

Stinkypaw said...

France-Rose: Thank you for coming out! No matter the reason, you NOW have broken the ice and will be commenting!! Yay!! Your English is plenty good! ;-)