Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Thawing... slowly...

That is how I've been feeling the last few days, like I'm thawing slowly.  I don't know about you, but we were hit (hard) by a wave of cold weather, really cold weather.  Our thermostats couldn't keep up some days, it was cold, even for us Crazy Canuks! I've said it many times before, Mother Nature is going through the change - one day we're freezing with snow and all that crap and the next we're in plus temperatures with rain.  Crazy I tell you!  No matter if one believes in this Global Warming scheme, times are changing for sure.

In other news, the husband decided he wanted to celebrate his birthday. With style.  One doesn't turn half a century every day, so why not! Being the procrastinator that he is, he only decided to do this one month prior to his birthday, and this despite my reminders (not too often, didn't want to nag)  that we should visit some places, etc.  Anyway.  It looks like it will happen - he will have his party and some cake too!  We've been shopping for a place to accommodate our guests (so far we are over sixty people and lots haven't answered yet), a DJ (we're meeting one tonight), etc. It should be a good time.

Last week I saw a dermatologist about some type of little cysts I had here and there (oh the joy of getting older, strange things grow places...).  It was more an aesthetic visit than a medical one, but still I wanted him to see those bumps and maybe do something about them (like remove them).  He actually took care of all (six) of them, by burning them with liquid nitro - that stuff burns!  The worst one was the one I had on my eye lid.  He did tell me all of them would bubble up, dry and eventually fall off.  Great.  I looked like someone punch me in the eye, and the other five were just red spots (to start).  By the time I got home (good thing Hubby came with), my lid was full of liquid and so red.  Every day for the last nine days I've waken up with a sore lid, often full of liquid and at times leaking.  I haven't been able to put on any makeup (even if I don't wear much, it does make a difference), my chin has this big scab (looks like a cold sore, but an inch from the lip) - actually yesterday I told a client who asked was happened that I cut myself shaving - the look on his face was priceless! - and the other scabs are just sensitive and tend to catch in clothing.  It took the quack about 10 min. to freeze each of these spots, and $60 later I was on my way home.  No receipt!  When I asked him, he refused because it was "aesthetic" - WTF?  He took my cash put it in his desk and send me off.  Talk about a nice cash business that is!

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bittenbyknittin said...

I had one of those things removed from my back once - never again. Did you know that sometimes Vicks Vaporub works on them? Best to start when they first appear - it will take a while - and apply at least daily. Not sure if you should do that to your eyelid, though.

Marius said...

Last year I had some similar dermal anomalies removed from my face. My doctor cut them off, so I got a couple of shots of local anesthetic just below my left temple. I now realize it's a damned good thing I never had a high enough security clearance when I was in the military cause I'd break in two seconds under torture! ;-) But liquid nitrogen on the eyelid? OUCH!! I hope you are healing well, m'lady.