Thursday, January 10, 2013

Very Cool!

Some people with ski or snowboard on any surface.  Hubby often says that if you've skied in Québec than you can ski anywhere else, since over here we tend to ski among rocks, grass, etc.  This year though, because of the big snow fall we've had between Christmas and New Year, there's a lot of snow.  At least in town there is.  Some area of the province weren't really affected by the dump we've had.

I came across this today (thanks Issy for sharing!): - check it out!

This guy, Seb Toots, is actually snowboarding in town!  The Mount-Royal is located right in town - a great place to go to for nice walks, training, to enjoy the view of Montreal.  It is a known spot to all Montrealers and to many tourists. If you're curious about where I live, well... check it out, it will give you one of the many flavors of Montreal!


Marius said...

That looks like a lot of fun. :-)

Kim Proctor-Day said...

Loved it ! The shots of the city and realizing where he is snowboarding is really cool