Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Well... that was fun!

It starting to look like Christmas is over and done with.  On this side of the screen at least.  My tree is now in the garbage pile - it gave its life for a good cause (our Christmases) for the last 16 years at least.  It still looks good, but some branches are falling off, so it was it's last Christmas with us.  The only thing left as proof that Christmas was here, is my door of cards.  It started slow, but eventually they started coming in; now I have a bunch.  I will wait a few more days before taking them down.  I enjoy these cute cards.
2012 Christmas Cards
Despite what our society is becoming with everyone on their phone texting, tweeting, etc. and human interaction getting less and less involved, I must say that I'm happy to see that for some people the "good old ways" of sending cards isn't dead yet.I enjoy getting cards no matter the occasion, it's always nicer to get a card than to get a bill in the mail, wouldn't you say?

I hope you've had a good Christmas.  Ours was good and somewhat quiet.  We did Hubby's family thing on the 24th, my mother's on the 22nd and the rest was spent quietly at home.  We did sweet nothing but sleep, shower, eat some and watch TV.  We've watched a few movies, and managed to catch up on all three seasons of "Downton Abbey" (if you haven't yet, check it out, it's very interesting).  Also started to watch "Sons of Anarchy" since I've heard so much about it.  I'm on the 3rd episode and I'm liking it. Very different from any English show I tell you that much!

We were hit by a snow storm Christmas week ; 45cm (+17 in) of snow in one drop.  They are starting to manage to clear the streets; our street is finally cleaned, as of tonight.  To add to the charms of the season, the temperature went down, seriously.  It is currently -20 degree C (-4 degree F); beyond the nice and crisp weather I enjoy that's for sure.

Tomorrow, I will be going to a client. I wish that I could have been off for the last two weeks but it hasn't been the case.  Despite me not going to clients, I did work from home.  At times I wish I wasn't set up to work from home at all, that way I wouldn't do when I'm (supposedly) off.  Oh the joy of being self-employed, there are big benefits but some hindrance are there as well.

Time to tackle 2013, I'm trying to convince myself ready to face it, another year to foul things up and I don't even need a computer to do so!  That's how good I am!


Brave Astronaut said...

Hey! I see my card there at the bottom!

Happy New Year!

flurrious said...

Except at Christmas, I don't get much mail that isn't business-related. Then last week, there were three days in a row when I received no mail at all, so I was thinking about how nice it used to be when people wrote letters to each other.

Season 3 of Downton Abbey starts here on Sunday and I'm pretty excited about it. I just rewatched most of Season 2 and still have the Christmas episode to get to before the new season starts. It's been years since Masterpiece has shown anything this good.

Attila the Mom said...

Happy New Year, my friend!