Tuesday, April 23, 2013

My cat is shedding and so am I

This time of year always involves a lot of shedding. I see it falling in clumps from our old cat, I feel the skin of my face changing, as it always does in Spring.  To add to this pleasure, we decided to get some work done inside our home. Some repairs needed to be done in our shower.  Something fairly simple turned out to be a bigger job; from two or three days to seven and it is now even completely done.  That being said we love the end results.  It was worth the time and money.   It would have been better not to be in a situation where work had to be done, but since that wasn't the case, it turned out good.  Since grinding and sanding were involved in this, the house was a mess.  Yesterday, I spent the day cleaning, from washing the walls to the floor.  Dust does get in every nooks, doesn't it? 

Since it was the shower work which was the most involved we haven't used it yet, to be absolutely certain that everything was dry.  We've been taking shower/tubs for the last week.  We're both tall and to try to take a micro shower in a tub isn't really fun.  We're happy we do have the tun though and happy about the mini shower which allows us to rinse off in a more efficient way than simply sitting in dirty water.  Just the thought of it, yuk!

Maybe it is Spring related, maybe it's just because we've been living in dirt all of last week, but I've been feeling like I should be cleaning.  So, I've listen to the "Blancheville" call and started clearing the mounts of paper that have been accumulating on my desk.  I've recycled a bunch of documents - the pertinent ones will be shredded - and re-organized my work space.  I want it to be airy.  I guess the dark months of winter made me accumulate crap on my desk, but now that the sun has been showing it's glowing face around here a little more often the past few days, I've been feeling its benefit.

It feels good to shed some of that crap... wonder if my cat feels it to?

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