Saturday, September 07, 2013

Mish Mash

Oh my!  I can't believe it's been a month since I posted.  Funny thing is I don't have much to report... We celebrated our thirteenth wedding anniversary in Las Vegas.  We wanted to go somewhere we'd been before, where it would be hot and where we wouldn't feel like we had to visit, so Vegas it was.  I will say this though, one week on the Strip is a bit long.  After we've done some shopping, saw a few shows, and ate a good restaurants I was ready to come home.  We didn't lounge around much, and that was what I felt I needed.  I needed to rest.  I did sleep in most mornings, so that was good. 

We went to see "Menopause The Musical" at the Luxor.  What a funny show.  We both laughed and recognised the menopausal traits. It was worth it.  We also saw "Le Rêve" at the Wynn - what a show!  Being from Montréal, home of Le Cirque du Soleil, we've seen many Cirque shows.  I was at their very first show when they first started under their big orange and blue tent.  Over the years some of their shows wowed me and some disappointed.  I guess it gets to a point when it is hard to be inventive and to create something new. We've also seen some of their shows in Vegas, on previous trips: "O", "Love", "Ka" and "Elvis Story".  Only one was sad to watch, and this despite the soundtrack, it was "Elvis Story" - it is no longer playing.  Because of that we chose not to see one of theirs, especially after reading some reviews of their new Michael Jackson show which were not that good. We went for "Le Rêve" which turned out to be a flavor of Le Cirque... there was element of water, some acrobatics and some comedy.  We enjoyed the show, it was worth seeing for sure.  I'm glad we did.

Food wise we spoil ourselves some.  We're food snobs, I'll admit that much.  We sorted can afford it.  We like to eat well and at times we'll splurge.  This last trip was one where we did just that.  For our anniversary dinner we went to Roy's.  Since we got married in Hawaii, and had visited two other locations (in Hawaii) where we really the food, we thought it would be nice to give their Vegas restaurant a try.  They took care of us, the service was full of attention and the food was so good.  We had a great dinner, and this despite the high cost.  When paying that much money the food and service better be good.  It was.

While enjoying our delicious meal, we both came to the realisation that we do eat well at home, we feed ourselves well.  We like going to restaurants but we also like to cook, and that we do well.  Eating in restaurants and tasting different things made us appreciate what we prepare and enjoy in the comfort of our home.  The big plus of going out is and probably will always be the fact that we don't have to do dishes and clean up after we've eaten.

Another delicious meal we had was at Sinatra at the Encore.  It was delicious and pleasantly flavorful.  We loved our meal and the service, but when the bill came that was anything but cheap, that's for sure.  I'm glad we went though.  Between our cocktail and dessert I walked out of there feeling tipsy and oh so satisfied.

On the other side of this food extravaganza,  we wanted to try one of Gordon Ramsay's restaurant since we love to watch him on "Master Chef" and "Hell's Kitchen".  One evening we tried to get in at his new Burger joint at Planet Hollywood, but the line up was more than one hour and this despite having a bunch of empty tables - don't know how they managed their tables but that was strange. We decided to instead go to his pub & grill at Ceasar's.  That was way below our expectations.  There was no Michelin star coming out of that kitchen, where that new chef, Ja'Nel, from the last "Hell's Kitchen" has been working.  We didn't even have dessert there, that how disappointed I was.  It was overpriced and tarnished, for me at least, Ramsay's name.  Let's just say I'm not about to go back to one of his restaurant any time soon.

While we were in sunny Las Vegas we've experienced true heat.  I loved it.  I love the dry heat of the desert.  Even if it was friggin' hot, we could walk and not be drenched.  Dry heat is the best!  I love the feel of the warm sun on my skin, I truly felt like the heat was getting to my bones.  Over here, I always feel cold, inside.  Plus, it's so ridiculously humid here that summer and winter feel burk.  I know not the best choice of word, but the only one I can think of which reflects how I feel about our weather.   To see 44°C on our little travel thermometer was something we don't see often, ans yet I didn't mind it - go figure.

Maybe there is something to this warm climate thing for me in my old age...

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flurrious said...

Everyone I know who's been to a Gordon Ramsay restaurant has also said the food was mediocre. I think once chefs become celebrities and start opening restaurants all over the place, the quality declines. I haven't been to a Ramsay place, but I've been to a couple of Wolfgang Puck restaurants and thought they were just okay.