Sunday, October 06, 2013

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Some days are better than others, and today was one of them.  I had to go to the mall, an errand for my mother, so while there Hubby suggested we looked around... As soon as I got there I could feel that shopping today was going to be interesting to say the least.  There were so many purrdy things to look at - so many choices and I felt like I could find more than I was looking for or knew I wanted.... Yep, it was going to be one of those days.

Long story short, and a few hundred dollars later we came home with a few bags among which we had shoes, boots, and a winter coat.  

After running my mother's errand, we made our way to what has now become our favorite footwear store, Geox. It started with Hubby buying a pair of shoes some time ago, then I found some really nice heels last year and another pair of sexy pumps this summer...  I love how they feel and they always fit perfectly.  I have narrow and long feet, so not always easy to find a good fit.

You will admit these babies are cute.  I, who never wear heels, love these.  The rubber sole makes them non-slippery and the wedge makes them high and yet stable, for the non-accustomed girly girl that I'm becoming in my days.

Today, I found some little booties. Perfect for this time of year, until the first snow.  Check 'em out!

I liked the outside zipper, something different and a big bonus point, they make my feet look delicate!  Imagine that!

Hubby found a pair of shoes, that can be as easily casual or dressy.  He, too, enjoys the snug and comfortable fit of them.  

To make everything even better, I've decided that these babies would be part of our corporate Christmas gifts.  We have such a great employer!

After those unexpected finds, I wanted to make one more stop and maybe look for a long winter coat.  I haven't had a long winter coat in a few years.  I most often wear pants so a jacket was it for me, but for the last two Christmas when came time for me to wear a dress and go out, I was stuck wearing my Fall coat.  I thought I could keep an eye out and see if something caught my fancy.  First store we went to, first rack I saw with long coats I spotted a model.  I tried it on and by the time the sales lady came by I knew I might have just found what I wanted.  I did try another one, and looked at a few others but went back to that first one, put it on again and even Hubby agreed that was the model for me.  It was that fast - gotta love it when things work out.  I know I do!

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