Friday, October 11, 2013

First Meet

Tomorrow I'll be meeting some people who, like me, enjoy sending and receiving postcards.  It will be the first official meet of Postcrossing - Québec Chapter.  I have no real idea what to expect, not whom I'll meet, all I know is that we share the same interest.

In order to prepare for this, since it is customary as far as I understood, I will be sending a bunch of cards that would be signed by all present.  All cards written that day will be mailed together.  There was a meet somewhere in Europe and seven people sent over hundred cards.  The organiser for our meet tomorrow is aiming for more than that being mailed.  I'll be mailing eleven cards through  Postcrossing, plus one more to a fellow postcrosser from whom I've received a card (from Russia) who was willing to do direct swap.  Since I don't usually do direct swap, I thought it would be fun to ask her if she wanted to and she agreed, plus since she's open to handmade card I thought I'd send her a homemade card made from a thank you card made with a picture a relative took.  I cut out the card, kept the gorgeous picture so typical of our area this time of year, and decided to send that to my Russian pal.

I'm sure she will enjoy it. Don't you think?  I love the colours and seeing the geese is an added bonus, I think.

A while back, a fellow postcrosser asked, on her profile, to also get a picture of her card being mailed since she was also collecting mailboxes pictures.  The day I've mailed her card, I took a picture of it (me) being dropped in the box. 

I will say this, I did get a few looks from people walking by, especially since I was having a hard time holding the card and the box open while holding the camera in the other hand, but I did manage it.  I did email the picture to the postcrosser and she was so happy.  Something so simple made someone happy, go figure.

Last night, while I was preparing (choosing cards according to the profiles, addressing and scanning) my postcards, I actually got a first timer.  I'll be sending a card to India! I'm also sending a card to Lithuania, Czech Republic, Australia, Finland, Taiwan, Ukraine, China, Netherlands, WI (USA) and Germany.  I wish I could be a postcard and go to all those places... *sigh*

In the meantime, I'll be walking to our meeting place and see how that goes - tourlou!

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