Monday, November 04, 2013

Today was a good day.

I know I often post about irritants or because I need to vent, not today.  Today, I'm posting because I'm excited and just plain happy.

What started out as a regular day turned out to be a good one.  First, I was home when Purolator came by to deliver some stuff I had ordered online.  Nothing to be excited about you would think, but it is!  Most every time, either Hubby or I order something, they try to deliver that parcel during the time neither one of us is home.  Today, I was home, was able to sign for the parcel and not have to drive across town to go get it.

Second, when I checked our mailbox, I had no bills in it, but three postcards, actually four.  The first postcard I saw was from a meet that was held in Germany - seeing all those signatures on the back of the card, made my day (or so I thought!).  Check it out.

4th Annual Meet-Up - Bielefeld, Germany - Postcrossing
For having participated in a meet, I think it's pretty neat to get such a card, to see that I'm not the only one who enjoys this Postcrossing thing.  I love it!  I got such a high from it actually, that while out with a friend, I found and bought a bunch of new cards, as if I needed more!

Third, since I've joined Postcrossing, my birth date (day and month) is indicated on my profile, but never until today had received a birthday postcard.  I was pleasantly surprise to see this cute card from the Czech Republic.  Weird coincidence,  there was also a birthday postcard from a local boutique where I shop for clothes on occasion, offering me $25 off (on my next purchase of $100, of course)...

I think it's kind of odd, and yet, that store has been doing that for years now.

Fourth, I had a wonderful osteo treatment that released a lot of my neck tension.  While I was being treated, my cell rang twice.  I had forgotten that I was to meet a friend for coffee.  I called her back, and we did manage to get together anyway for a delicious pastry and hot mocha.  We did some catching up, a little shopping here and there (where I found some cool postcards) and made our way home afterwards.

It was a good day: the kind of day to make a deposit to my bank account of memories (in case you have no idea what I mean by that, read this, on one of my other blogs)

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