Saturday, November 16, 2013

Look at those cuties!

Look what the mailman left me today.  I was so happy PLUS he didn't leave one bill, now that's a very good thing, as Martha would say.

Seven lovely postcards plus one (early) birthday card.  The Eiffel Tower card (on the left) actually came from another Postcrossing meet in Paris.  Two other cards came from France as well, from a Round Robin I've signed up for. The other four cards are because I won a little draw on a local Postcrossing group page.

Since I was the winner of that draw, here are all the cards I've received so far, I'm still missing a few, but I'd say so far November has been a good postcard month!

Because my profile on Postcrossing says it's my birthday month, I've been getting some birthday wishes on most cards I've been receiving this month - cool!

Also because of my profile, people noticed that I liked cats.  I must say that gray cat with the amber eyes is too cute.

Yesterday, while at a client who owns two cats, I had a little cat fix.  It felt good to pet them and hear them purr, but it did not fill the emptiness in me.  It will be five months next week that we're catless and I will say that some days I miss my fur ball A LOT.  I guess I really am a cat person...  

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