Thursday, November 21, 2013

You know that thing? What? Manners?! NOT!

Monday I woke up in pain - a really sore throat and earache.  Good thing was I could stay home and work a bit.  Tuesday I didn't feel much better, and actually felt like the bug was moving from my throat to my lungs. Spent a good part of the day in bed. Wednesday didn't bring much relief, but I did manage to go to a client for half a day.  Because my throat was so itchy and needed relief, a colleague and I went out for a hot drink or soup, whichever we would have found first.  It was before 11am.  First place we went to didn't serve soup for another thirty minutes.  We crossed the street and made our way to Starbucks.  I don't go regularly, since I'm a late bloomer in coffee enjoyment, it's fairly recent that I've started enjoying good strong coffee, like espresso and cappuccino.  One thing I like at Starbucks is their Caffe Moka.  So yummy.  

We waited in line, as usual, and when came our time to order the guy taking our order greeted me, but then turned to talk with another girl behind the counter.  He did that twice.  I'm not the most patient person to start with, so add to that being sick and being treated poorly as a customer, you will get... a reaction.  For sure.

When the guy finally faced me, asking me what my order was, I told him in all my crackling voice could bare :

=^..^= : "That's not very polite to ignore a client like that"
Coffee Guy:   "well, my boss was talking to me"
=^..^= : "And? You couldn't tell her that you were answering a client?"
Coffee Guy:  "Sorry, but she's my boss..."
=^..^= : "Doesn't matter, you were doing your job of taking my order"
Coffee Guy: "Don't tell me this, tell her... Want me to get her?"
=^..^= :  "Please do!  I'll tell her."

He disappeared in the back room, while a coffee girl actually took our orders and took care of other clients in line after us.  The Coffee Guy came back with his manager.  She was a young little thing, beet red, she was so embarrassed.

=^..^= : "I'm sorry to disturb you, but the way you've interrupted us was actually quite rude and showed disrespect towards your customers"
Manager:  "I'm really sorry, you're right, I should have been more respectful"
=^..^= : "Thank you."

Coffee Guy processed our order, while my colleague was furious.  He was so upset about the treatment we've had he said if he would have been alone he would have left.  He wouldn't have said anything and left.   When Coffee Guy called my name I thanked him and said "You should learn to speak up, even to your boss".  His only answer was "yeah, ok".  Which again infuriated my colleague because he felt the kid didn't get any of what just happened.  At that point, I didn't care and just wanted my damn Caffe Moka, which soothed my throat very little...

I don't know if it's because I'm aging, or because my folks had a restaurant for many years, but when in the service industry one should learn to treat their customers right.  Ignoring someone standing in front of you for more than four minutes while you should be taking care of them isn't what I was taught as a waitress or even as a cashier.

I didn't want to be the cranky old broad, but I was, once again... aaaaugh. 

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