Friday, January 10, 2014

It might be time...

... for me to update my side bar, where it says "Blog I Read", since I don't really read many nor do they post often, so I guess it evens out, somehow, right?

Weird to think I use to blog daily and nowadays I'm on Bacefook daily and on Postcrossing.  I even started playing with Flickr and uploaded all cards I've mailed since I joined in December 2010, all 199 of them!  In doing that exercise, I've realized that I'm sending a few less each year: first year I've sent out 70, second year 64 and last year 58...

Besides freezing my ass off (among other parts), I've been working a lot.  Funny fact: today while working at a client, our accountant currently doing our company year-end called me to answer some questions he had.  Turns out we had a good year, our revenue increased.  The way he was saying it was as if he was wondering why, so in my all natural way of being I told him:

"No shit Sherlock, we've made more money, we've been working our asses off lately!"

I've mentioned before wanting to ditch some clients, well, it looks like 2014 will be the year for that.  I'm heading (if not already there, depending who you're asking) for Burnoutville, and for having visited that town once before, and since it wasn't that purdy, I'll try to change lane and head in another direction.  I'm hoping one thing will help me change where I'm heading when in eight days we'll be leaving on a jet plane for our favorite location: beautiful Hawaii.  I will take that time to re-evaluate and soak up the sun for damn sure!  We'll see what the future holds when we come back, but I've already told my main client that I wanted to leave... We'll see how good these two weeks will be.  Time will really tell.

OK, now it's time to say good night! Ciao!

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