Sunday, January 18, 2015

What he said!

Tonight we watch "John Wick" with Keanu Reeves; and one thing that struck me during the movie "it wasn't just a fucking dog" - the whole movie about seeking vengeance from the killer of his dog, it all made sense to me!

Recently there has been tensions between my mother and one of her brothers, her favorite one with whom she has been moose hunting for years,  and all related to her beau.  This year, while hunting my uncle got drunk and actually told my mother's beau that he didn't like him, point blank.   Let's just say that didn't go over that well.   Mom no longer wants to see nor talk to her brother.   At Christmas, the issue became a topic of conversation and I felt I just had to say something about it all. I did tell my mother and the beau my uncle had a right not to like him.  We didn't have to like him even if she did.  We weren't dating him, she was.   She was a little surprised by that, and eventually agreed.

The one thing I did not say was that I, too, don't really like the man.  I am thankful for him being in my mom's life because he's keeping her busy and it means I don't have to, but other than that I couldn't care less about him. Why you ask?  Well,  let me tell you!

They had come over one afternoon, and while here Tobi (our old kitty) got up from his bed and made his way to his food, slowly and cracking every steps he took. The beau then said: "if you want, I can take it outside and ring its neck... it would only take a minute"  I was flabbergasted.   I did manage to ask him how he could ask me such a thing.  His answer was: "Well, it's old!"  When I asked him if he would do the same to my mother when she would be too old and cracked when walking?  He laughed it off.

How dare him asking me such a heartless question,  when Tobi had been in our lives for 18 years?  He wasn't just a fucking cat, he was our cat!

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flurrious said...

Aaagh, I typed a comment and then lost it because I wasn't logged in. This is what happens when I don't read blogs for a few months. (My reader currently has over 3000 unread posts, which is ... yikes.)

Anyway, to reiterate what I said on twitter, your mom's beau's comment was uncalled for. Tobi was your family. Even jokingly, he shouldn't have said it.