Friday, February 06, 2015

That shitty time of year again...

Since I have a tendonitis in my right shoulder, and pain is actually a daily occurrence,  I've been feeling crappy and crabby to say the least.  I've seen my osteo, which helps for a few days after treatment but the pain never truly goes away.  Last visit I had with her, she suggested to see an acupuncturist for pain management, so I contacted the little man I know.  I've seen him twice in the last two weeks, the first treatment really helped my arm's mobility, and yesterday's treatment was so painful it messed me up bad.  Today it does feel better, but I just can't wait for pain to be gone!!

To add to my shitty feelings, the weather has been crap - so fucking cold, my face looks like a shedding lizard, and this time of year is ALWAYS crap for me,  S.A.D. kicks in full blown.  Despite my "happy light" and "happy pills", there's always rougher days than others. So, when adding physical pain to it all, it's bad...

Good thing is I'm busy, between work and my postcards, I don't have time to get bored.  Between the official cards and some random act of smileness I basically get  cards on a daily base.  I love it.  Today I actually received an envelop from Gyor in Hungary from a man who lives there.  Turns out he had sent a request to join a (closed) group I manage on Bacefook for Canadian Postcrossing users, and when I saw that he was from Gyor, HU - which is the village my mother in law was from, I sent him a message asking him if he wanted to swap with me (since I wouldn't let him in the group).  We exchanged a few messages, I've sent him a card from here - which he liked and today I've received these cuties:
Baroque city of Gyor, HU

Budapest, HU
Seeing this reminds me that we WILL have to see Hungary before we're too old to travel!  Last time Hubby was there was in 1991, and I've never been, so we'll have to get our ducks in a row and go!

Today, I was informed that a member of our group (in Postcrossing Canada) is quitting.  I respect her decision, but I'm sad to see her go as she was one of the good and fun ones.   Do you ever have this feeling that things are crumbling around you, slowly?  Ever feel like the you're losing some good friends because they're moving or even worst they died? Or simply losing touch with someone you thought was closer than they actually were, since the tie broke (easily) since they had kids, or met someone new?  I hate seeing this and even more feeling it.  I know it's life, I've been around and seen it many times, doesn't mean I have to like it now, does it?

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