Monday, February 09, 2015

Will I see Mr. Grey now?!

While watching the Grammy Awards,  Hubby and I started talking about "Fifty Shades..." coming out next weekend (which I already have a date for to go see with a girlfriend! ) after seeing an advertisement for it, and how I'm not liking the casting  He bugged me about Charlie Hunnam etc., which started me thinking about who I saw portraying Christian Grey.  Sure Hunnan would have made those jeans look good, and after seeing this commercial, yeah he could have pulled it off...

There is something I've read or envisioned in the books (that I'm assuming you've read too) that called for un petit je ne sais quoi, that not every good looking men could pull off.  Thinking about actors who could have pulled it of, I thought of these fine gentlemen:

Remember when Richard Gere was all that?  Remember him in "Pretty Woman"?  He looked good and had that little thing that could have been Grey like, but in a way he was "too nice", no?

Then I thought of Patrick Swayze, in "Dirty Dancing" or even in "Road House", but then again, not sure he had the whole package...

I also thought of my Canadian boy, Ryan Reynolds, he might pull it off, but then again, not "mysterious" enough...

What about the other Ryan? Goslin.

Now we're talking right?  He does mysterious, sexy with a little quirk...  Yeah he would have been a good Christian.

But then I think of Eric Bana, also dark and all...
Also a good candidate, for me at least, no?

I thought of movies we've seen recently seen, actors I've drooled over at different times; guys that just peak my interests because of either their looks, their roles, etc. Guys like Matt Bomer (who played Neal Caffrey on "White Collar") but in my books, there was that little something missing. 

He is hot, and can't wait to see him in July in "Magic Mike XXL" (and Channun and all the others, of course!)  especially since supposedly there isn't much left for the imagination. 

But in the meantime, still thinking about which man could be Christian Grey for me, and I think that besides Mr. Goslin, I'm thinking that maybe, just maybe David Boreanaz... 
Maybe it's because of the crush I've had on him since he played Angel on "Buffy The Vampire Slawyer", but I think he would be a choice, no?
Granted in "Bones" he tends to be a little goofy, but I've seen him in "Valentine", he played a meanie which I think he pulled off, so playing a good looking rich guy, with a kinky side could be possible...

Come on, look at him, he could pull Christian no?

In all honesty, I'm hoping that on Monday, Feb. 16th when I come ut of the movie theater, will be just as pleasantly surprised , as I've been for "The Outlander" - I wasn't too keen on the casting, and since the first moment I sat to watch the series, I've been hocked. 
Sam Heugham does a very nice rendition of what I think Jamie Frasier should be like.  I like the way he portrays him, and the production of that series is so nicely done, that it's a nice tribute to the books.

I will say this, I wouldn't want to be in the shoes of the actor they chose to play Grey.  He has some big shoes to fills, or should I say many imaginations to satisfy, so many women (and men, I'm sure) read the series and have thought about Christian Grey and visualized how he should look... Jamie Dornan, is a cute Irish pup that I don't know at all, I've never seen anything he's been in (I just looked up his filmography and there was nothing).

Looking at this picture, that is not how I envisioned Mr. Grey. At all. Yes, he's good looking but I guess it will all be in his delivery.  I won't even say anything about the girl.  I will wait for next week.

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Arlene Hildred said...

I read about a third of the book....couldn't handle the "steamy" stuff so skipped all that...but totally agree with you about the casting....I pictured him more brooding and let boy like....and I don't understand the woman the cast either...oh well can't imagine I will see the movie anyway, since I could barely handle the books!