Monday, March 30, 2015

A First Time for Every Thing!

I woke up with Hubby, an did fall back asleep after he left for work.  I woke up later, way later, and forced myself to get up - damn the time difference is hurting me bad! - took a quick shower, got dressed and decided to go to the bakery I`d seen yesterday.

I pointed at a bread, asked for it to be sliced, picked a pastry and an orange juice bottle and that was that.  I came back to the flat, ate my pastry, which was quite nice and decided to make my way to the grocery store.  Decided against taking my purse (extra weight for nothing), grab an IGA grocery bag and out again.  I knew there was a grocery store, Rema 1000, not far from here, so headed there.  Things are different here, I could see through the windows where the store was, but couldn`t find its door.  Since Hubby had been told that the stores were often in what looked like apartment buildings, I was kind of looking for something like that.  I went in one entrance, but there was nothing there other than locked doors.  I tried another entrance, where a guy was smoking and was looking at me funny, no luck there either.  Finally I spotted this entrance for a furniture store, a pharmacy and the grocery store.  Eureka!  I picked a cart and started shopping.  It`s the first time really that I feel like my father must have often - not being able to identified the products sucks.  Good things there`s lots of pictures.  I bought some type of meat, I`m thinking it is ground beef, but it could be pork, turkey or elk for all I know. I`ve picked a few things and hoped for the best. 

When I showered this morning, I thought the towels in the flat didn`t smell too good, so I bought some soap and started a load of all towels. The load has been in for almost 2 hours, and it`s still going!  The instructions manual for the washer is in Norwegian... damn it!  Good thing I could download a pdf of the instructions in English.

Well... this Norwegian thing will be interesting that`s for sure...

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Phil Plasma said...

I am sure that this is only the beginning of your 'culture shock'. Once you've settled into a routine I think it will get easier, though.