Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Making it ours

I've never thought of myself as a cleaning freak, but being here and having lots of free time, I've realized that I like things clean and clean according to my standards, not someone else.  So, yesterday was the first run of the washer with all towels, and today it was the floor, which really needed it, and I've decided to get the mini sofa undressed and threw everything in the washer.  It had a little smell that reminded me of a smoker type smell, so hopefully between the fresh clean floor and the washing of the cover it will take care of that unpleasant smell.  Plus I'm thinking tomorrow I might throw in the curtains, really get rid of all "previous" smells!

Yep, I'm making it our own!  I've moved the furniture around, and I will need some more cleaning products, and it might only be covering the surface, but still, it will now be dirtied by us and not left over from whomever before...

Today it's 3 degree.  Not really sunny either.  It's rather grey, but at least it's not snowing.  I trust there will be sun.  Somewhere.  Some day.  Until then, it will be time for me to meet my husband who wants to bring me to the "big" shopping center right by the airport.

So,  snakkes!

*Norwegian, meaning: Talk to you later!

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