Thursday, April 02, 2015

It has begun!

Getting around our new home... I've washed everything that bugged me, from the sofa covers to the curtains, to the dishes and floors, I've washed out the previous tenant smells out as much as I could.  It's not only a question of being disdainful, I've come to realize over the years that my standards are not everyone's, so, I made it ours.  I write ours since my husband is just as fussy as I am.

Because of Easter, everything is close.  We are Thursday, and no store is open in town, except the 7-11.  Yesterday we went to get some groceries since everything will be closed for the next few days.  Things are very different.  We are used to find fresh stuff, here not so much.  Everything is frozen.  There is barely any fresh meat.  I understand that things are not local, since it doesn't look like farmland, I get that, but still I need to adjust.  Even their canned goods are different, they have a lot of pre-made food, so I can't help and wonder what is it the local people eat?

One funny thing I've noticed while driving (Hubby that is, I haven't felt the need to drive anywhere yet) around, there is no stop signs!! They have a few lights, I've counted two on our way to the big mall.  Oh!  there are streets and cars, rest assure, it's just different way of driving - it really doesn't feel like Laval (for example) does to me, nothing is aggressive, nobody is driving fast; it is somewhat strange to be honest. 

When we arrived, on Sunday, we knew we had a parking spot reserved behind the building, as the renter had mentioned.   This is what was awaiting us! I still think it's hilarious, and yet, there is no possible confusion as to where we should park!

Yesterday, on our little walk around I've found a few places where they sold postcards, some touristic ones and also some artistic ones which are basically impossible to find back home.  The price of the cards I've found (and bought) varied from 7,00 to 10,00 NOK, which is in CDA $1.11 to $1.58 - not cheap but then I'm in Norway.
I did manage to find some stamps too, and to send to Europe it costs 14,00 NOK ($2,21 CDA) and 17,00 NOK ($2.69 CDA) for cards to Canada/US.  Last night, I've prepared some cards, nine to be exact, two if which were officials, and this morning I've walked around and found the post office (which, of course, was closed).  It's a good thing Hubby's co-worker explored a lot and he told me where I could find the big post office.

Despite it being closed I was happy to see a big red box outside where I could drop off my cards.  It's now official, I'm settled in Bodø, I've sent my first postcards!!
Now, if only the sun would pop out, that would be great!  Since we've been here I have seen the sun for a few minutes only, on the day we got here, while sitting in a hotel room.  I take consolation in the fact that at least it hasn't been snowing.  That's a BIG plus in my books!

Tonight will be my first time preparing a meal since we've been here, should be interesting.  Let's just say the pots and pans available are a far cry from the stuff we have at home.  I'm not complaining, it's just an observation.  This Viking experience sure does put things in perspective.  We do have it good back home, and this even if we're not really roughing it up in Norway at all.  

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Phil Plasma said...

I'd be curious to see photos of the inside and outside of your apartment to see what it looks like. There must be quite a bit that is different in there, and certainly some that is the same.

It is going up to 16C and sunny tomorrow here in Mtl on Friday. Our first warm spring day.

BTW, I'm an explo with initials MC.