Friday, April 03, 2015

Ask and you Shall Receive...

Since I was asked by Phil Plasma (I had a feeling it was you MC), and since I had taken pictures of our flat, I will also post them here (they all are in our travel album on Flickr)
As you enter our flat (Coat and Shoe Racks on the left, bedroom on the right)

The Master Bedroom
The Guest Bedroom

Dining/Kitchen/Living Room
Same, different angle
Fridge on top and mini freezer below
View of the Kitchen, with oven, induction stove top and dishwasher
and last but not least...
our bathroom, with the funky space saving shower and the mini washer
And there you have it, that is our humble home for the next three months.  It's small, it's cosy and now it's clean!!


Phil Plasma said...

I see your guest bedroom is doubling as a wine cellar.

The fridge/freezer looks very different as does the shower, but everything else looks not very different from what you'd find here.

Stinky paw said...

Phil Plasma: Yes, it is! And a stock room, and a storage room!

The fridge and freezer are very different, indeed - small and high. As for the shower, it folds back on itself so it's practical when using the washer.

flurrious said...

That fridge looks so high! I'm average height, but I think I might need to stand on a chair to get items off the top shelf of that.

Stinky paw said...

flurrious: It is high! Hubby is 6'2" and yesterday he was on his tiptoes to look for something in there, the top shelf IS high!