Friday, April 03, 2015

My Chocolat for Easter!

On our flight from Oslo to Bodø, there was this little magazine "Scandinavian Traveler" in the little pocket of each seats, where I saw this ad for Chocolate & Baileys... It looked delicious.  Already that Baileys isn't too shabby, but a chocolate one had me intrigued.

Wednesday, while running some errands with the husband we went to a liquor store (oh, big surprise) and there it was!  I had a glass of it tonight, since everything is closed due to Easter, and man, oh man, this was not disappointing!

This is really yummy! The Norwegian adventure is getting better one sip at the time!

Happy Easter!!


Anonymous said...

Happy to see you are settling in. Where is this travel flicker you speak of?

Shawn says that the key to success is going native. So get out there and buy some reindeer. (for eating not for riding)

Love the pics of the appartment. Helps us relate.

Shawn and Nathalie

Phil Plasma said...

Happy Easter to you too!