Monday, April 06, 2015

Against all odds

As you (may) know, I'm an active Postcrossing member.  I've been for over four years now.  I love it.  It's a serious addiction.  I can not go anywhere without thinking and looking for postcards.  Since Bodø is not that big of a town, I thought I would ask other postcrossers in Norway - there are only 1,105 members (on a +5 millions population) - if they would be interested in swapping some Norway cards with me.  I did contact five members to start, and was quite surprise to get an answer right away from one of them.

This person actually lives in Oslo and get this, is presently in Bodø, visiting her family for Easter!  What are the odds?  I can't get over it.  Look at the map of Norway, it's not a small country.  I don't know about you but besides Oslo and Lillehammer I didn't really know many other towns here.  And looking at the map, Bodø isn't the first place I would think of... Don't you find it funny that the one person who does answer me is currently in Bodø as well?   Let's see if she does contact me again once she'll be back in Oslo.

Tomorrow, should be a return to normality here, since the Easter break should be over (for most, that is).  Hubby will be really doing what he came here for, alone, since the other person went back home a few days ago.  Tomorrow, I will make my way to the post office and mail about twenty postcards.  I won't even try to figure out how much it will be.  It will be expensive.  Like everything else in Norway.

Today I took a picture of a commercial on TV, advertising some specials at a grocery store. 
I know it is in NOK, but still, whenever I see a price like that I can't help but catch my breath a little...  That is about $3,85 CD, which is much better but then again, it's still more than what I would pay back home for 2 avocados.  Last grocery run we did it was almost 2,000 NOK - it goes fast and yet, whenever I shop for food, I don't look at the price, really but more at what it is I'm buying.

Tomorrow I'm hoping to make friends with the Post Office people, since I will most likely be "visiting" them often!  I might stop by the Kommune on my way, and see if I could get some info about maybe a Norwegian class.  It doesn't seem to be an easy language, but the writing/reading part seems easier to me, than what I've heard of it.

Let us see how that goes, if it goes at all...

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Anonymous said...

We paid 2 for 4 Cdn $ in avocados this weekend. Must be a worldwide shortage.

Here is a tip if you want to tenderize tough elk meat: baking powder.