Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Wind Warning!

Today was a windy day in Bodø, really windy and I think that we had every type of weather possible from sun, to snow, to hail and rain - and everything in between!
Hubby has been following the weather warnings and last night we could hear the wind rattling the windows, the way the rain hit the windows was a strong indication of the winds.  Supposedly, according to our landlord, storms are not that common in Bodø.  Wind yes, the weather shifting rapidly yes, but winds like last night and today, not so much.  Good to know!

Actually since yesterday the city center has become alive.  Funny how dead it was, due to Easter, and how different it feels now.  You can hear kids playing, that alone is very different from anything I've heard since we've arrived.  Even walking to the grocery store, there was people everywhere in the mall.  I will say this, it is nice to see 'cause it was pretty dead before and despite being a nice town, it was dead!

While grocery shopping I've noticed a can of fish balls.  Naturally having the twisted mind I do, I couldn't help to think: "Geez, those are mighty big fishes to have balls this size!" - I know, I know, I'm bad, but come on, tell me you didn't think of that too!

Someone asked me what they (the Norwegians) ate.  From what I've seen so far, lots of frozen stuff - understandably so since being so far, frozen is the way to go, for vegetables and such.  They don't have that much canned goods, and what they have isn't what I normally see, like fish balls and lots of different fish products.  One thing I've noticed though, is how everything is in Norwegian, some things (like the fish balls) will have an English translation for the title, but when it comes to instructions and such, Norwegian is the way to go.  I've been told, a few times already, when I've asked about the language, that there are many dialects so learning it will make it "interesting" to say the least.  To get back to what they eat, I was told today, by the landlord, when I mentioned buying a toaster, that they don't toast their bread because they buy it fresh daily.  We buy bread too, ok not daily but every other day I'd say, being with a bread lover, and we like it toasted as well.  As if we toast bread because it's no longer fresh, strange.  I like my toast in the morning, especially, thank you very much.  I will not enjoy smoked salmon for breakfast.  For an appetizer at dinner, delicious.  But for breakfast?  No thanks.   I did try some funky stuff while in Japan, like raw egg that you either "drink" or put over rice, and yes it was an acquired taste, but (thank God) it wasn't fish.  I do enjoy some good sashimi, but not for breakfast.  Call me fussy.  But come on, look at the size of me, there's your proof I'm not that fussy!




Phil Plasma said...

Windy here too, but warming up finally.

Do you think there is a way you can use Google Translate to get the cooking instructions from the frozen Norwegian foods you need to buy?

flurrious said...

I've been reading a Vietnam travel memoir and the English translations of menus that some restaurants have include a lot of items featuring "crap," "testicles," and "medicine sauce."

Stinky paw said...

Phil P: I wish it would be warming here to, but not yet. As for Google translate it does so much (or so little)...

flurrious: Yeah, some of the translations at times are quite scary not to say disgusting!