Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Me likey too...

Despite the crappy weather, there are things I do find interesting and enjoy in Norway:

  • The heating flooring in the bathroom.  I first thought it was nice in our hotel room in Oslo that first night we arrived, but it is like that in our little flat too.  Love it!  Hubby knows next house that is one feature that I will ask for, for sure.

  • The device on the hinge which keeps the toilet lid from slamming down - I love it!
  • The parking light indicators at the mall - like what we had seen in Vegas - a little green light above a parking spot indicating that it's available - love it!

  • EVERYWHERE we go we can pay by credit card, only ONE exception so far (and it hurt) was the Post Office.

  • Their hot water is fecking hot, immediately - don't have to wait for it to turn hot, it's hot!

  • The way they make the bed, and their bedding (comforter), instead of a big on, we each have our little one - I love it!

  • At the grocery store, you can scan your grocery as you go, with a little hand gizmo, really cool - haven't checked it out yet, but we will before we leave for sure, too curious not to try it!

  • Every store has a little wrapping station.  You go to a toy store, and they wrap it, then and there for you, with ribbon and all.

  • There's no Stop signs, anywhere - that is weird, and yet it works!

  • Since most of their bread are sold in loaves, uncut, every place which sells bread also have a slicer to use.

  • They don't print receipts anywhere unless you ask for it.

  • Their machines to process the cans & bottles are super efficient, plus you have the option of cashing in or give to charity, how cool is that!

Green button gives you the $ back, Yellow one the amount goes to charity
  • Next to the recycling area, where you can also recycle paper, cardboard, batteries, etc., they even have a little sink and a hand dryer, now that is cool and efficient!
  • The Norwegians. I actually do like them, they're not cold, they're somewhat shy, but once you started talking to them, they do open up. Go figure!


Phil Plasma said...

Heated floors are awesome, especially when the rest of the house is cold.

I'm curious about the can & bottle recycler - how is it different from what we have in Montreal?

Having a place to wash your hands after bringing the recycling - that's awesome.

Stinky paw said...

Phil P: I've never seen, in Montréal, a recycling machine which doesn't jam while I'm processing my cans & bottles and I'm not even talking about the machine being full.

I've never seen the option to give directly to a charity on any machine in Montréal either. I've added a pict. showing both options.