Sunday, April 26, 2015

Scandinavian Traveller: Likki the Trimmed Beaver - Chapter Four

Since the sunny days are far and few between in Bodø, I now understand why the Scandinavians are so keen to be outside.  Like them, I'm missing the big orange ball, and how it changes everything it reflects on.  At first I thought it was its heat, but since I've been here, I'm realizing it is its light, how vibrant it makes everything.  Talking with a colleague of the Hubby we ran into at a restaurant, he told me that April in Bodø was still winter.  (Oh great!! That explains a lot!).  The sun has been peeking out here and there, a little more often, so there is hope.  On a walk (of two or three km) yesterday I saw proof that Spring was on it's way; lots of little buds on the trees.  Even later when we took a drive going back to where we had been last week, I have proof, and so did Likki.

Dandelions are tough little buggers!

We drove back to the mountains and it's unbelievable how different everything looked.  What we thought was already beautiful last week, was now gorgeous, and so vibrant!  One thing though, even if the sun was out, so was the wind and it wasn't warm.  But, eh, the sun was out!  I wasn't planning to be in this picture, but when I put Likki down, she almost flew off, so we had to do a selfie in the wind!

It wasn't just windy, it was friggin' windy and cold!

We made many stops along the way, and took many pictures, but not so many shots with Likki, she's quite light and would either tip over or roll away.

By a brook which ran into a nice frozen lake...
That spot by the water was really pretty, and the roar of the water was impressive even if it wasn't a big brook.  I was again surprised by how clear the water is; this most beautiful blue, and you can see right through (even at the marina, the water is surprisingly clear). 

Clear and clean water, imagine that!
Walking back to the car, I saw this big board and was happy to see that despite all we hear and read about the environment, there are still places where nature is just that, nature...

Drinking water!!
There were a few of those along the way, so, there is a good thing about being so far North, nature is not all fucked up (yet).  It sure is beautiful!

Last week when we drove that way, I wanted to take a picture of a road sign I had never seen before, but by the time I've told Hubby it was too late, no turning back, better luck next time... So this time I made sure I'd get a picture of it.  I don't know about you, but for me this was a first!

A little further along the road we saw what isn't just a postcard scenery, but an actual sight... fish drying out.  In that area there were a few houses with those set up and some simpler like a clothes line but instead of clothing it was cod hanged to dry.

Drying racks of cod
Hubby remembered seeing some nice flat rocks, a waterfall along the way somewhere, and after a little walk in very damp woods along the water we did find the spot.  He had been right (yeah, yeah, shit happens!), it was beautiful. 

Likki, naturally, had to pose, the little camera hog...
That water is also drinkable and darn cold!
From there we headed back, slowly, and once again saw a moose or deer, its color being different than the others, it was hard to tell exactly what it was, especially since neither of us are hunters!

It was, again, a beautiful drive in beautiful Nordland... Both Likki and I sat back and enjoy watching the clouds, this beautiful blue sky reflect on the water.

Despite everything (like rain, snow, cold, wind, to name a few), this little repeat adventure was worth it, the scenery being so different under sun light... Can't wait to see that Midnight Sun, can only imagine how the sky will be...

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April is almost over, hopefully May will bring you warmer weather.